Video Content Analytics

Improve your content strategy

Optimize your approach to content strategy and acquisition based on the detailed consumption patterns of your users.

video content analytics

Enhance content sourcing

Understand your user’s content preferences and take steps to source more attractive, relevant content to your audience.

Sharpen marketing campaigns

Make the right marketing choices by understanding the user’s content interests. Know exactly when and where you should promote new content.

Partner payments by usage data

Generate fair, transparent business models with your content partners. Create payments based on content consumption.

Gain actionable user insights

Know exactly what, where and how long users are watching content. Plus, discover which device gets more action. Integrate video content analytics.

Source relevant content for your users

Increase video consumption

Source relevant content based on user consumption patterns and tastes.

Expand user loyalty

Boost content plays and completion rates. Raise stickiness by offering more attractive content.

Reduce churn

Offer high-interest content for video consumption to proactively reduce potential churn by users.

video content analytics

NPAW helps give Gaia a confident view into the quality of our delivered content.

Jason Riley

Snr. Director of IT/Ops

Focus on the most relevant content

Make smarter marketing decisions

Know everything about the most viewed content. Generate suitable conclusions for future marketing campaigns.

Publish and communicate the most attractive content at the right time

Roll-out better marketing and content decisions based on data. Stop guessing what content could work, or when and where to connect with your users.

Increase marketing efficiency

Gain insights into user content preferences. Learn how you can reach your client-base more efficiently.

Transparent partner management

Get reliable, independent content consumption data

Guarantee real-time access to unbiased third-party consumption data about your content.

Access a detailed list of your content viewers

Obtain content consumption numbers per device or region for partner billing.

Billing based on content consumption

Reduce risks caused by large payments for irrelevant content by generating solid, transparent payment methods based on content consumption.

How OCS used Game of Thrones viewing data to up user retention by 66%

With an advanced layer of player-side video intelligence, OCS’s broadcasting platform was able to make data-driven strategic decisions. The result,  proactive resolution of technical issues and a guaranteed quality streaming experience that capitalizes on its blockbuster content.

Improve your content strategy with NPAW

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