Network & Video Stream Analytics

Monitor your delivery chain’s performance

Get full visibility of service outages. Know what points in the network cause problems and how many users are affected.

video stream analytics

Gain full visibility and know-how on how elements perform

Understand which elements in the infrastructure are causing issues. Enable monitoring of your vendor’s SLAs.

Carry out a root cause analysis

Identify actual root causes or quality issues to smooth out inter-team relationships. Reduce the time needed to locate network issues.

Mitigate infrastructure errors and quality issues efficiently

Get real-time data about the root cause of detected issues. Deal with these issues efficiently.

Ingest customized data

By integrating any network’s topology as an inventory file in YOUBORA, you can assess all the different elements involved. Integrate video stream analytics and correlate data for outstanding performance.

Ensure vendor quality

Manage your vendors with data

Gain data insights on failure rates of the different vendor elements. Manage them using facts and actionable insights.

Define clear, trackable SLAs with all vendors

Agree on SLAs with your vendors. Keep control over the status of each technical component. Establish individual alerts for vendors to monitor aligned thresholds within an SLA.

video stream analytics

The results that we have achieved together have been spectacular, but I consider that the best so far has been NPAW’s approach as a partner with us, understanding our needs and feeling the service as their own.

Josep Maria Rabés

Director Orange TV

video stream analytics

Find critical errors that really matter

Identify elements that cause issues for your users

Get real-time information about where user issues occur in the delivery chain.

See which issues cause the most trouble

Prioritize errors due to their effect on users. View the number of affected users per error or quality issue.

Improve mitigation of quality issues

Save money by reducing the time to identify where issues happen

Real-time data means you deal with quality issues and errors before they affect users. Spend less on customer service calls.

Deal with more relevant issues to reduce expenditure

Work on the errors and quality issues that impact users most. Spend resources to fix errors that bring value to your business and customer base.

Analytics Best Practices for Telecom Change Management

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