Smart multi-CDN
for video streaming

Powered by AI and NPAW’s extensive quality of experience insights, NPAW’s CDN Balancer optimizes multi-CDN delivery in real time

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Unlock smart multi-CDN

Having more than one content delivery network (CDN) has become a must in the media streaming industry. But selecting the best CDN from your portfolio is a complex process that requires the speed and automation only an intelligent and flexible system can provide. 

What makes CDN Balancer unique

CDN Balancer was built with video streaming in mind. Discover the only multi-CDN switching tool capable of optimizing content delivery in real time based on your end users’ experience

accurate traffic identification

Identify all key end-user information

By monitoring traffic at the video player level, CDN Balancer provides in-depth end-user information to accurately track CDN performance. Tailor your CDN switching to each user segment with traffic attributes like the type of user and content, region, device, and ISP.

Quality of experience-based switching

Optimize multi-CDN

with real-time QoE data

Leveraging the NPAW Suite’s deep quality of experience (QoE) analytics capabilities, CDN Balancer is the only multi-CDN switching solution in the market that tracks CDN performance based on the end user’s perceived quality of experience.

Flexible, precise switching

Switch CDNs based on

all your business needs

Define and apply CDN switching rules that take into account all your business and audience needs. Implement smart multi-CDN switching with laser precision, optimizing for cost, quality, or traffic quotas for any combination of user, CDN, region, and ISP.

One CDN Balancer, two game-changing tools

NPAW’s multi-CDN Balancer is made of two key tools that can be used in combination or as standalone solutions

CDN Selector

Create and enable multi-CDN switching configurations to optimize content delivery based on all your various business requirements

Active Switching

Automatically select the CDN providing the highest video quality. Seamlessly switch CDNs multiple times in a single video session

Navigating and Optimizing multi-CDN strategies

We surveyed 282 streaming industry decision makers. The answers provide a snapshot of the content delivery strategies, plans, perceived blockers, and measurement & switching techniques currently being employed by video providers across the streaming ecosystem.

Make your multi-CDN smarter with NPAW

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