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video audience measurement

What Is Video Audience Measurement & OTT Analytics?

Video audience measurement and/or OTT analytics are video analytics software that tracks and reports video insights about your users. These audience analytics tools give you a complete picture of your audience to help you make actionable decisions based on your viewership data.

Get deeper viewership analytics

Gain real-time video and OTT data to leverage your product’s value. Identify improvements applicable across departments.

Use viewership data to increase marketing efficiency

Allocate your marketing budget more efficiently by tracking the success of strategic marketing activities.

Gain reliable, independent third-party user data

Draw on credible viewer usage data to connect to new and existing partners. Gauge your business cases based on historical data.

Leverage best-in-class video business intelligence

Identify how product and marketing changes affect users. Create the best experience for your clients with integrated video audience measurement software and tools.

Use video and OTT data to build a user-centric product

Ensure scalable video streaming

Increase your product’s stability and better plan infrastructure resources and scalability with valid historical usage data.

Boost video UX

Utilize audience analytics insights for a “before and after” view of product updates.

Refine your product roadmap with live video analytics

Avert roadmap failures by analyzing usage data. Get immediate feedback on any changes made.

video audience measurement

A solution as powerful as NPAW Suite guarantees we stay competitive and ahead of other players in the industry while delivering outstanding soccer experiences.

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video audience measurement

Increase marketing efficiency with video marketing analytics

Connect marketing impact to video analytics

Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns linked to video usage based on metrics like unique vs new users, concurrent plays, and regional video metrics.

Focus budget allocation

Apply learning from reliable usage data to past campaigns to boost your marketing budget share.

Get historical and real-time video analytics to build a complete picture

Leverage custom dashboards based on sessions, site performance, errors, funnels, and granular tracking data to better understand marketing performance.

Predefined and customizable video analytics dashboards

Pre-defined video KPIs based on popular metrics

Benefit from NPAW’s predefined video analytics dashboards for high-level data insights into audience usage, sessions, regional metrics, device usage, and historical performance.

Custom video analytics dashboards for unique audience measurement

Drill down into your video data with customizable dashboards and reporting specific to tracking and receive alerts tailored to your product.

Prioritize partner management with data

Secure channel-reliable, independent, 3rd-party usage data to access metrics like numbers per device, region, or content for partner billing.

video audience measurement

How OCS used video analytics to make the most of a Covid-19 surge in streaming

The Covid-19 lockdown had an immediate effect on streaming and coincided with OCS’s hit show, Westworld. These two factors drove a very high audience, multiplying its subscribers by x2 almost overnight.

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