CDN analytics & CDN Balancer

Learn how a Multi-CDN product portfolio improves QoS

Gain full transparency of CDN suppliers’ quality and performance. Use active switching for best-in-class services.

cdn analytics

Improve your M-CDN Management

Automatically collect and analyze user data worldwide on CDN Quality of Experience. Make data-based decisions about the best CDN for your service at each moment.

Switch your CDN as per business rules

Combine the benefits of QoE performance data and your defined business rules with the best technology for active CDN switching.

Optimize your CDN strategy

Identify the best M-CDN strategy for you. Choose CDNs suited to each situation based on business needs and requirements.

Reduce your cost by selecting the best CDN setup for your service

72% of video providers who have switched to a Multi-CDN strategy report their costs have decreased or stayed the same. Use CDN analytics to outperform content delivery.

Optimize infrastructure components for better QoS

Identify CDN performance

Analyze which of your current used CDNs are performing well in real-time. Know which is delivering the best user experience at which time and in which region.

Identify the best performing CDN

Know if your content is being delivered by the best performing CDN, for any ISP and in any region. Use our scoring tool to generate a score for all CDNs.

Identify alternative CDNs in real-time

Check if switching to a different CDN would improve the user’s perceived quality of experience.

cdn analytics

Thanks to YOUBORA, we were able to present to the provider the fact that 20% of playback resulted in an error, and were able to escalate this to their top management. After that, we got dedicated resources for my concerns. And by using YOUBORA to carry out specific tests, the problem was fixed.

Laurent Douat

Solution Architect

cdn analytics

Automate active switching

Optimize QoE through an active switching engine

Define rules for an automatic decision-making process via custom security, network and overflow rules.

Improve QoE in real-time

Whenever the active switching engine identifies better performing CDNs, it automatically switches to improve customer’s perceived quality.

Customize the switching engine to your needs

Set parameters for active switching, such as CDN load balancing, priority or quality of experience.

Preplan the best M-CDN strategy

Optimize your CDN portfolio

Analyze what is available in your CDN portfolio. Setup a Multi-Vendor approach by having the right configuration and solution in place.

Develop your international expansion

Identify which of the CDN providers best suits the international expansion for each new country.

Identify your CDN price-quality ratio

Choose the best-priced CDN providers to fit your requirements and budget.

Navigating and Optimizing CDN strategies

We surveyed 282 streaming industry decision makers. The answers provide a snapshot of the content delivery strategies, plans, perceived blockers, and measurement & switching techniques currently being employed by video providers across the streaming ecosystem.

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