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Game of Insights: The Five Steps you Need to Follow to Drive Retention Using Video Analytics

While content is still king, the user experience is queen. Both have a big impact on the perceived value of a streaming service and neither can be allowed to fall below satisfactory levels.


How to Create a Smart Bundling and Recommendation Engine in 4 Steps

Driving recommendations and bundles with current analytics and user data will optimize each offering to exceed user expectations and achieve the highest possible conversion and engagement rates.

In this white paper, we detail how to create a strategy in 4 easy and infallible steps.

Analytics Best Practices for Telecom Change Management

For operators, change is a constant. In this white paper, we detail how integrated client-side analytics technology and a solid data-informed process of staggered migration is deployed by operators around the world to ensure they are able to seamlessly transition to next-gen systems.

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Measurement Techniques to Optimize Streaming Ads ROI

How to compare, correlate, and use ads insights to convert consumption, quality, and engagement data into business takeaways.

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Optimizing Mobile Video

How to leverage analytics and video delivery technology to deliver high quality experiences: In collaboration with Limelight networks, NPAW presents best practices with the latest data on mobile usage, delivery infrastructure, and measurement.

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The Video Analytics Mini Guide to Analyzing Your Video Player

This mini guide explains the metrics you need to be measuring for your Video Player, how to obtain them, and how they will help you maximize revenue.

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Customer Acquisition & Retention for Video Services

This infographic helps explain how you, as a video streaming service, should prioritise efforts, why it is important to have full visibility of your platform and how your users interact with it, as well as what actions each department should carry out.

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Which Errors Are Ruining the QoE of Your Video Platform – Explained

This infographic depicting the general scenario of errors affecting the QoE of VOD and Live video providers. We also analysed the data per device and found some relevant trends that you will definitely want to keep an eye on.

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The Pillars of Video Performance: Buffer Ratio

In the first installment of our “The Pillars of Video Performance’ series, we look into exactly what buffering is, why it happens and what the best services in the industry like to see when they look at their buffer ratio.

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Identify & Counteract User Churn

Essential guide to churn behavior. In this White Paper, we dig into the data from several leading video service providers to tease out behavioral differences between those who churn and those who don’t.

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How to Optimize Live Sporting Events – Part II

In this White Paper, we will delve into the economic context of live streaming and explore why it makes financial sense for service providers to raise their streaming games to new levels. We will spell out and describe the components that must be managed for the optimization of live streaming. As well as show the findings of NPAW’s research and data.

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How to Optimize Live Sporting Events – Part I

In this White Paper, we will explore the rapidly evolving world of live sports streaming. We will examine the prime technical challenges that live streaming presents.

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The Power of First Impressions: Seven KPIs for OTT Video Platforms

First impressions matter. A strong enough impression can lead to a quick judgment or at least a working hypothesis. In either case, what is sensed upfront is hard to erase.

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Improving Your Online Video: Optimizing the Quality of Experience

Your audience expects “broadcast quality” from your online video but are you meeting their needs? In this White Paper, you’ll learn what you must do to optimize the Quality of Experience and assure that you are consistently delivering the best possible video.

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