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At NPAW, you’ll make a difference each day. You’ll collaborate and solve problems in a fast-paced environment and enable the success of our community

We are…


Forward-thinking, original, inquisitive. Disruptive technologies drive today’s product. We are a part of that movement, creating and inventing new solutions


Trustworthy, credible, committed to excellence. We care about our customers’ success as much as our own


Charismatic, energetic, go-getters. We build and shape cutting-edge tech together in a fast-growing industry

One team!

Friendly, passionate, inspired. We take pride in the phenomenal work we do as a team and the careers we build together




Global, cosmopolitan, open-minded. We offer a fresh alternative to other BI and video analytics companies



Effective, progressive, adaptable. Team cohesion means we develop, deploy and deliver great products on the go


NPAW participated at
Red Bull – Buen Camino

314 kilometers -overcoming the fearsome slopes of the Cantabrian Mountains- and a lot of sweat! Two brave NPAW teams, one with four and one with six employees, were formed to tackle the challenge. We are proud how you presented NPAW values during that event.

NPAW participated at
Bandera Azul’s beach cleanup

Bandera Azul raises awareness on the importance of marine litter in the Mediterranean and its possible solutions through participative actions. Citizen collaboration is key to face the problem, reducing the amount of waste generated and companies may search for alternatives in the sectors that most contribute to marine litter.

“You might call it a dream job, even greater product and best colleagues from all over the world.”

Renata Andriusyte
Customer Success

“I love working at NPAW because of the culture… employees have a direct impact on our platform. I’ve never worked in a more dynamic, collaborative, fast-moving environment.”

Renata Iuhos
Former Head of People

“Never has a workplace been as friendly as NPAW. You learn daily, and face new challenges as a team and with great enthusiasm. That is the secret to this company’s growth. “

Raul Nieto
Sales Executive

“With NPAW’s fast paced environment and dynamic team, I’ve had the opportunity to build skills in several areas, expanding my career potential.”

Michael Murphy
Head of Data & Analytics

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