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Careers at NPAW: why join us?

At NPAW, you’ll make a difference each day. You’ll collaborate and solve problems in a fast-paced environment and enable the success of our community

We are…


Forward-thinking, original, inquisitive. Disruptive technologies drive today’s product. We are a part of that movement, creating and inventing new solutions


Trustworthy, credible, committed to excellence. We care about our customers’ success as much as our own


Charismatic, energetic, go-getters. We build and shape cutting-edge tech together in a fast-growing industry

One team!

Friendly, passionate, inspired. We take pride in the phenomenal work we do as a team and the careers we build together




Global, cosmopolitan, open-minded. We offer a fresh alternative to other BI and video analytics companies



Effective, progressive, adaptable. Team cohesion means we develop, deploy and deliver great products on the go


Our Company

“You might call it a dream job, even greater product and best colleagues from all over the world.”

Renata Andriusyte
Customer Success

“Innovation and collaboration are the keys to NPAWs success. Working with driven experts is a big plus when it comes to learning and career growth. With prodigious knowledge and teamwork, the evolution is continuous.”

Evertson Suarez
QA Engineer

“The team at NPAW is like no other team I have been a part of. Not just because of the cultural and personal differences, but also the companies desire to try new things and listen to the individuals contributing daily. The focus on bringing something different to the table is what makes NPAW what it is.”

Jordan Haines
Sales Partner Manager

“Working at NPAW it’s an amazing journey with a lot of daily challenges. Working together with awesome people with a powerful product, makes these challenges exciting and help a lot to keep learning new things everyday.”

Adrian Lamas
Technical Support Team Lead

“NPAW provides a supportive work culture and flexibility for working mothers like me, that allows me to balance my professional career and my family life.”

Deidamia Morel
Data & Analytics Consultant

“Working remotely at NPAW gives me the perfect balance of flexibility to choose my own working environment while at the same time experiencing a real sense of belonging in a great team from all over the world. You really can’t do better than that.”

Joaquin Sanchez
Customer Engineer

“I enjoy working at NPAW and looking forward to face every day challanges. Since first day I work with talented, friendly and hard working people. We all learn from each other and are passionate about our great product.”

Dariusz Boron
QA Team Lead

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