Web and Application Performance Monitoring

App Analytics provides comprehensive application and website performance monitoring to reduce app crashes and improve app ux

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What is an Application Performance Monitoring Solution?

App Analytics is a comprehensive web and application performance monitoring solution that helps businesses identify web and app performance bottlenecks to improve app and web UX.

Make data-driven, proactive decisions with real-time perceived quality insights and key performance indicators (KPIs). App Analytics enables efficient collaboration between departments and allows you to adapt and scale your video apps while keeping up with market demands. Stay ahead of the competition by continuously optimizing your application and website performance through best-in-class application analytics.

Comprehensive app performance monitoring

App Analytics is an all-in-one solution that continuously monitors website and app KPIs such as load times and response times

Actionable insights and recommendations

It highlights application performance trends, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement, allowing you to take informed actions to optimize your app infrastructure

Real-time alerts and notifications

Address app and site performance issues as they arise with real-time alerts and notifications whenever a problem is detected

One independent source of truth

In and out-of-player analytics to minimize video platform data inconsistencies across systems and teams

App Analytics use cases

Analyze performance at the unique session level

Provide support to customer agents and minimize resolution times and dissatisfied users by pinpointing web and application performance issues in real time, avoiding detours

Gain insight into traffic and usage of your video website or application

Identify peak traffic times for strategic resource allocation, ensuring a smooth user experience during traffic spikes

Analyze all the possible reasons interfering in your user’s experience

Identify app crashes reasons and their impact on different devices or app versions to improve the usability of your application

video app analytics

NPAW helps me every day to define strategy and to test hypotheses. I can put tests into production and very quickly use huge amounts of data to see if I’m going in the right direction.

Laurent Douat

Solution Architect at Orange Presentations TV

Our application performance monitoring tool helps you address issues proactively to increase user satisfaction and retention

video app analytics

Avoid losing users due to performance issues

Detect how many users were affected by issues such as crashes or slow page load times that interfere with the quality of experience

Evaluate the performance of third-party applications

Have a full visibility of third-party app performance to ensure a seamless user experience across your service and external apps

Identify app errors and quality issue occurrence by device and software version

Detect which devices and software versions are performing poorly to implement laser-focused corrective actions

Faster load times lead to a better web and app UX

Evaluate initial connection and the server-side processing aspects of the loading process

Leverage web and application performance monitoring across different network types to address slow connection speeds

Analyze the loading and rendering of various types of content within the app

Swiftly identify and address bottlenecks in content and page load times, ensuring a smooth app experience

Monitor web and app UX during loading, including perceived loading and interactivity

Optimize average page load times, providing users with a faster and more enjoyable in-app experience.
Mock-up of white paper on how to measure video streaming quality

How To Measure Video Streaming Quality

No matter how good your video content library is, if your platform is not capable of delivering a smooth experience, user satisfaction will suffer. To ensure high perceived quality, streaming providers need to take a holistic approach to monitoring and troubleshooting. They need to keep an eye on both video playback and app performance indicators, covering all pain points impacting the platform experience. 


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