Video Advertising Analytics Software

Optimize your ad strategy by controlling its impact on your audience and their ad experience. Enhance the efficiency of your monetization game plan. Analyze viewership and user ad tolerance.

video advertising analytics

What Is Video Advertising Analytics Software?

Video advertising analytics software is a suite of ad analytics tools that help you get a complete view of content and ad engagement to make informed decisions to improve the efficiency of your ad strategy.

Cultivate your ad strategy with streaming/OTT monetization analytics

Get valuable insights to improve the efficiency of your ad strategy. Reap the benefits in your monetization potential.

Proactively improve your video advertising QoE

Identify which ads are causing errors, latency, and/or quality issues. Then use ad analytics data to enhance the perceived ad QoE before it leads to churn.

Enjoy reliable video ad server monitoring

Use solid video ad server data to monitor partner SLAs. Produce trustworthy content for your ads customers.

Understand content, ad experience, and engagement in parallel

Get a sound view of the entire ad experience before, during, and after ad breaks, with video advertising analytics.

Improve your advertising monetization strategy with streaming analytics

Increase ad revenues

Analyze user ad consumption patterns in real time. Optimize ad fill rates and amounts to increase your monetization.

Enhance ad experience and acceptance

Understand how your users respond to your ads. Use data to create high satisfaction rates through optimized ad frequency and placement.

Increase ROI for your advertising customers

Give paying ad partners deep, data-driven facts from custom video advertising solutions to improve their ad spending ROI.

video advertising analytics

NPAW helps us maintain the highest quality of streaming for both our content and ads. With it, we are able to identify streaming errors affecting quality issues in real-time and, thanks to the unlimited filtering, find the root cause to troubleshoot effectively and mitigate the errors even before our customer base is affected.

Marco Gorni

Head of Marketing and OTT Systems & Certification Lab

Create engaging video advertising experiences

Increase resolution times for ad failures

Identify ad errors and delivery issues in real time. Guarantee a high rate of successful ad impressions.

Raise ad experience in quality

Broaden your multidimensional root cause analysis. Then pinpoint and reduce all kinds of quality issues caused by ads.

Intensify audience engagement

Avoid failures and quality issues in the ad playout. Instead, increase customer satisfaction, and cut churn caused by quality issues.

Ongoing, neutral, video ad server auditing

Generate third-party data

Gain agnostic ad performance insights not tied to any vendor or economic interest.

Produce solid statements for your ad customers

Get more visibility on ad strategy performance from the end-user side compared to any ad server.

Understand user perception of ads

Harness reliable, neutral data originating from the end-user’s true experience.

Converting Fan Engagement into Advertising Revenue

Rewatch the panel that originally took place on April 29th, where our CMO, Till Sudworth, and OneFootball’s CBO, Patrick Fischer, discussed making better business decisions and working more effectively through innovative approaches and new strategies for the evolving sports industry.

Improve your Ad strategy with NPAW

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