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Customer Stories

Tet and NPAW Bring Next-Gen Video Analytics to Online Video Providers in the Baltics

With NPAW’s video analytics, Tet customers can get a clear picture of their platform’s audience and streaming quality to optimize their content strategy and quality of experience, resulting in higher user engagement and lower churn.

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How Zee News is tracking on-web video performance with NPAW’s video analytics

Learn how Zee News is leveraging NPAW’s video analytics to gain a deeper understanding of its digital audience’s behavior and content preferences, optimize its website experience to increase video engagement.

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Sky NZ draws on NPAW's expertise to optimize its streaming platforms

Discover how, by working hand-to-hand with the NPAW team, Sky NZ is able to fine-tune its streaming services to deliver the best possible user experience while streamlining its infrastructure and business resources.

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