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How Viaplay and NPAW built a smart M-CDN switching tool for video streaming

smart, automatic CDN switching based on qoe Data

CDN Balancer not only helps us tailor our CDN consumption to each of our audience segments’ needs, but it also lets us control costs and allocate our infrastructure resources in a way that’s not only beneficial for us, but gives our end users a better streaming experience.”

Niklas Hammarbäck
Product Manager, Viaplay

How OCS used video analytics to make the most of a Covid-19 surge in streaming


“NPAW is a tool that helps me every day to define strategy, and to test hypotheses. I can put tests into production and very quickly use huge amounts of data to see if I’m going in the right or wrong direction.”

Laurent Douat
Solution Architect, OCS

Customer Experience Visibility Optimizes QoE for Technical Teams

Reduce delivery costs while maintaining users happiness score levels

“Once you have managed to attract your user, especially with such emotional content as sports and live events, the user will wait a few seconds longer if it takes a little while to load. But what they will not tolerate is if the video does not play during the action. I believe the buffer ratio is the key to ensure quality.”

A spokesperson from LaLiga

Customer Stories

Sky NZ draws on NPAW's expertise to optimize its streaming platforms

Discover how, by working hand-to-hand with the NPAW team, Sky NZ is able to fine-tune its streaming services to deliver the best possible user experience while streamlining its infrastructure and business resources.

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How we built a next-generation M-CDN balancer for video streaming

Learn how Viaplay, one of the leading European streaming services, and NPAW built a powerful, flexible, and resilient M-CDN balancing solution that automatically selects the best CDN according to business and audience requirements.

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Customer Experience Visibility Optimizes QoE for Technical Teams

LaLiga integrated end-device analytics into the player. This allowed it to monitor customer experience in real-time, run post-event analysis, establish consumption patterns, and reduce delivery costs while maintaining users happiness score levels

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How OCS used video analytics to make the most of a Covid-19 surge in streaming

When COVID-19 struck, Orange’s French OTT service, OCS – had to act fast to make sure their platform could stand up to rapidly increased usage levels. Here’s how they (and broadcasting platform OPTV) leveraged integrated video intelligence to double their users and reduce error count 60%.

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How OCS used Game of Thrones viewing data to up user retention 66%

With an advanced layer of player-side video intelligence, OCS’s broadcasting platform, was able to make data-driven strategic decisions to proactively resolve technical issues and ensure a quality streaming experience in order to capitalize on their blockbuster content.

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Here Is How Blockbuster Analyzes Their Streaming Service from the Outside In

NPAW allowed Blockbuster to take an innovate outside in approach to their quality of experience (QoE), with real-time analytics and dynamic error monitoring.

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Here Is How Fox+ Keeps Viewers Engaged Across Asia

NPAW helped FOX+ prioritize devices across 4 countries and improve the overall viewer experience with advanced analytics. Download the case study to find out more!

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