QoE and QoS solutions for engineers and operations

QoE and QoS solutions for operational excellence

Empowering engineering and operations teams with cutting-edge QoE and QoS solutions for performance monitoring and troubleshooting

Comprehensive platform monitoring and analysis

 The NPAW Suite’s QoE and QoS solutions help you identify challenges, unlock smooth user navigation, target ad errors, and improve platform performance to provide an enhanced user experience

Video QoE and QoS monitoring

Real-time measurement of video and platform performance to enhance quality of experience and user satisfaction. Identify the root cause of errors and mitigate QoE and QoS issues based on number of affected users.
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video intelligence
video intelligence

Improve your web and app UX with comprehensive application performance monitoring

Assess website and application performance through a full-range of quality KPIs and build a seamless user experience free of slowdowns and app crashes
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Compare your streaming performance to the industry average

Understand where your streaming service stands with the largest database of streaming KPIs in the online video industry. Benchmarks provides holistic insights into your platform and video performance and shows how it compares to competing services in a given region
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video intelligence

Control every network handover point to identify QoS issues

Boost quality of service by addressing network issues across the entire video delivery chain — from headend to end-user device — with real-time information on affected users
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Gain insights about the ads quality not tight to any vendor

Identify problematic ads that are causing errors, high latency, or impacting quality of experience. Monitor your SLAs with your ad providers based on reliable, third-party data
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Improve your overall product experience with NPAW

Contact us to receive a free demo. Discover how our analytics solutions can positively impact your product offering.

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