Video QoS & QoE measurement software

Deliver a superior video streaming experience with real-time video QoE and QoS insights. Detect and mitigate a broad spectrum of errors and boost perceived quality

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What is video Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE)?

QoS in video streaming refers to the monitoring of quality-related metrics such as throughput, errors or latency across the entire content delivery chain — from ingestion to the end device. Video QoE has to do with the subjective experience of a streaming service’s end user, tracking how video playback performance or UI/UX design impact user satisfaction and tolerance. NPAW’s Video Analytics is a video QoS and QoE measurement software solution that helps video platforms identify how to improve video streaming quality, with comprehensive dashboards of streaming quality metrics to instantly see the health of their video playback.

Improve QoE and increase quality management

Monitor and understand your user’s perceived QoE in real-time. Hone in on quality issues and errors efficiently and before they require customer support. Prioritize and resolve issues based on the number of affected users

Professionalize your QoS change management

Infrastructures undergo constant technical changes. We help you understand the effect QoS changes have on your customers. Ensure your changes are strategically for the better and align with your objectives

Install reliable SLA Management

Monitor all the SLAs that your partners agreed to. Plus, use data to identify partners linked to bottlenecks in your service. The result: streamlined business workflows and better revenues

Enhance viewer experience and drive service performance

Don’t risk losing your audience. Start using NPAW Video Analytics.

Perform video quality checks based on frequency and affected users

Proactively use alerts to pinpoint issues and errors before users report them

Identify the root causes of quality issues and proactively deal with them before complaints arise. Our tools mean your customers don’t detect errors in the first place

Accelerate QoE issue resolution time

Alerts and unlimited multi-filtering possibilities mean you identify and solve video QoE issues right as they happen

Reduce churn by unsatisfied users with real-time QoS analytics

Measure and improve perceived quality in real-time to reduce the number-one reason for client churn: poor video quality

video qos

YOUBORA QoS & QoE Analytics Tools Make Happier Users

Harness our Happiness Score

We created our happiness algorithm based on core video quality parameters. Take the pulse of your video service’s health with a single KPI based on end-user perception

Set automatic QoE alerts

Set thresholds to get automatic notifications as soon as anomalies appear in your video service. This gives your technical team an edge in providing better service.

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Predefined and customizable video analytics dashboards

Pre-defined video KPIs based on popular metrics

Benefit from NPAW’s predefined video analytics dashboards for high-level data insights into audience usage, sessions, regional metrics, device usage, and historical performance

Custom video analytics dashboards for unique audience measurement

Drill down into your video data with customizable dashboards and reports. Receive alerts tailored to your video service

Get deeper viewership analytics

Gain real-time video and OTT data to unlock your product’s value. Identify improvements applicable across departments

I love the ease of making detailed dashboards to troubleshoot issues or observe over-time trends. It serves our technical, QA and product teams at the same time. 

Neha Rathore

Product Manager

Monitor the service levels of your partners

Ensure contract compliance

Monitor your different infrastructure suppliers to identify a breach of SLAs

Enhance video content quality

Track the quality of your content suppliers to ensure a high-quality service, beginning with content ingestion

Improve quality of experience

Identify what quality issues are caused by which infrastructure provider

How FOX+ Uses NPAW to Economize and Keep Users Engaged Across Asia

FOX+ is available in four countries. With NPAW, they identified which devices were more popular in a particular country, which allowed its Broadcast Technical Operations (BTO) department to make informed and accurate decisions to develop a flexible infrastructure.

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