Combine root cause AND impact analysis in one tool

NPAW and Telestream combine client and video network analytics to minimize the financial impact of failures and proactively manage user satisfaction.

cdn analytics

Affected user identification

Correlate users, error and infrastructure root causes in real time. Proactively manage and monitor user satisfaction.

Smart error resolution

Identify and prioritize issues based on impacted users, plays or IPs. An End-to-End alert system to boost efficiency of error mitigation.

Financial cost control

Calculate the cost effect of the occured quality issue and prioritize the mitigation of all quality issues based on the financial impact.

The NPAW and Telestream unique solution

Identify affected users to prioritize smart error resolution.

Pinpoint Users affected by quality issues

Identify which errors affects which user

Seamlessly correlate data to show how head-end or network level events impact viewership and users.

Identify how the users are affected

See the impact of the errors and quality issued on the different regions, users and devices to understand how urgent the mitigation is.

cdn analytics

Having the ability to correlate with the actual audience data enables a new level of operational and revenue efficiency for video service providers.

Calvin Harrison

General Manager IQ Business

cdn analytics

Eliminate streaming errors across the entire video delivery

Identify where in the delivery chain the error was caused

Analyze the entire video delivery chain, from the content ingest to the network and the end user device to locate the root cause of any quality issues.

Visualize the performance of different infrastructure suppliers

Identify what equipment or what kind of content or network caused the failure and manage your content or infrastructure supplier based on independent data.

Increase your efficiency of root cause mitigation

Reduce the costs of error mitigation

Faster root cause analysis and error location leads to a more efficient error mitigation.

Reduce the revenue loss due to frustrated users

Prioritize the quality isse mitigation by the number of affected users will increase the user satisfaction and therefore directly reduce churn.

Combining Client and Network Analytics for Streaming Service Providers

Rewatch NPAW and Telestream while explaining how our combined solution has solved the industry’s longstanding problem: having view end to viewer-provider metrics. Join us while we go through how, combining client and video network analytics with content validation, minimizes the financial impact of failures and proactively manages user satisfaction.

Improve your Quality of Service with NPAW and Telestream

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