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Why did VOD consumption per service go down in 2021?

Marked by continued growth and increased competition, 2021 was a year of both consolidation and change for the video streaming industry. In this report, we look into the main trends affecting the video ecosystem and analyze their impact from a user engagement and streaming quality perspective.

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Re-bonding Strategies: Building Loyalty Through Content

In this webinar, we focus on the evolution of streaming video services that rely on subscribers for most or all of their revenue. Get a clear view of how can video services attract and retain subscribers when consumers have so many choices and can so easily switch services.

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Beyond the Walled Garden

A walled garden is an excellent business model because it gathers a lot of value in one place. Users can stay on a single platform for hours, either streaming from one source or moving through different apps. But operators need to leverage the full power of app analytics if they want to make the most of their ecosystem and increase engagement.


How OCS used Game of Thrones viewing data to up user retention 66%


“As we had limited time to get this up and running, YOUBORA proposed a
pre-integrated solution, which meant we could take advantage of their
services very quickly. The dashboards are elegant and easy to understand,
and in three weeks it was ready.”

Laurent Douat
Solution Architect, OCS


How flexible should an analytics solution be to cope with an operator’s daily business?

Flexible analytics improve operations that rely on data and streamline processes within each of your teams and departments and between the various departments of your business. They also improve relationships throughout your delivery chain, ensuring a premium user experience for your subscribers.


Why did VOD consumption per service go down in 2021?

Download NPAW’s latest Video Streaming Industry Report to learn how 2021 was a year of both consolidation and change for the video streaming industry.

Dive into the main trends shaping the global online video ecosystem from a user engagement and streaming quality perspective


How Customer Experience Visibility Optimizes QoE for Technical Teams at LaLiga

LaLiga integrated end-device analytics into the player. This allowed it to monitor customer experience in real-time, run post-event analysis, establish consumption patterns, and reduce delivery costs while maintaining users happiness score levels.

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