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Real-time measurement of your users’ perceived quality of experience to increase engagement and reduce churn

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Automatically select the right CDN to meet business and audience requirements — all based on real-time quality of experience data

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Rely on the most advanced video analytics suite in the market

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NPAW has the answers!

How many plays do my users generate monthly? On which devices and regions?
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How much time does my average user spend on my platform daily?
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What are the peak viewing times per user segment and day of the week?
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What is my most engaging content?
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Which titles, TV shows or TV channels generate the most views?
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What effect have my on-site promotions had on the content take rate?
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How do I know if I chose the top-performing providers and partners? 
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Where and when do I have QoE problems?
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How are recent changes impacting my QoE?
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Are all my ad slots actually being served?
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Is poor ad quality causing lower engagement and consumption levels?
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What is the right number of ads, length, and position for my platform?
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How do viewers navigate my service?
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How many users follow a recommendation before they start a video?
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Where are my viewers dropping off?
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How do I secure CDN quality and availability / redundancy at all times?
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How can I best switch between CDNs to meet business and quality needs?
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How can I make sure I meet my monthly quotas with CDN providers?
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NPAW's Video Streaming Industry Report H1 2022

Video Streaming Industry Report 2022

The Qatar World Cup provided a big boost in streaming consumption, but individual services continued losing daily user engagement. Join us as we dive deep into the consumption and quality trends that dominated global streaming strategies in 2022.

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M-CDN balancer for video streaming

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How Customer Experience Visibility Optimizes QoE for Technical Teams at LaLiga

A single suite

With the NPAW Suite, you have all the streaming video analytics solutions you need on a single platform.

The all-in-one approach allows you to avoid data inconsistencies between teams, providing a single source of truth that eliminates interdepartmental disconnect, increases efficiencies, and allows your entire organization to make cohesive data-driven decisions.

Plus, you cut down costs by having to pay for and maintain only one analytics tool as opposed to several ones.

Analytics for the global streaming industry

The NPAW Suite works with all video players in the market and handles up to 15 billion video plays globally every month.

We serve all key actors involved in the video streaming space, from OTT platforms to telecom operators and broadcasters.

Our analytics solutions include OTT video analytics and video audience measurement, video app analytics, CDN load balancing, and video advertising analytics. 

Reliable, real-time insights

The NPAW Suite of streaming video analytics solutions delivers reliable, real-time insights with no granularity compression.

Our solutions are CDN and player agnostic and provide you with a reliable, vendor independent assessment of your service’s quality of experience and quality of service.

With unlimited multi-dimensional filtering and over 85 metrics from which to choose, you can look at and segment data in real time with 1-minute granularity.

Wholistic optimization

Thanks to the NPAW Suite’s real-time streaming analytics solutions, you can optimize every key aspect of your video streaming platform.

Video content analytics and video engagement metrics give you visibility into your content’s performance, while video session tracking and video app analytics allow you to understand how your users navigate your video app.

Combined with insights into CDN performance and platform performance, NPAW offers wholistic software to improve video quality of experience and service.


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