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Why did VOD consumption per service go down in 2021?

Marked by continued growth and increased competition, 2021 was a year of both consolidation and change for the video streaming industry. In this report, we look into the main trends affecting the video ecosystem and analyze their impact from a user engagement and streaming quality perspective.

Streaming Industry report


Navigating CDN Strategies

We surveyed 282 streaming industry decision makers. The answers provide a snapshot of the content delivery strategies, plans, perceived blockers, and measurement & switching techniques currently being employed by video providers across the streaming ecosystem.

Readjusting Viewing Behaviors to a New Normal

As we cross the midway point of 2021, we are witnessing an impressive reboot of the industry. One notable phenomenon is how end-users are applying lessons learned from the past year. Indeed, how they are readjusting their viewing behaviors to a new normal.

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NPAW 2020 Global Video Industry Report: The State of Streaming in the Year of the Pandemic

In this report, we look at the state of the video streaming industry on a global scale. Comparing 2019 to 2020 data and focusing on key regions for streaming consumption around the world, we look at growth trends, quality patterns, and device performance.

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The State of Streaming Advertising

We surveyed 303 respondents from the video streaming industry. The answers provide a unique snapshot of industry views of the challenges facing AVOD players.

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The Streaming Experience: QoE and Customer Retention in the Digital World

Content rights holders and TV operators now see streaming as a mainstream way of distributing their offerings to consumers. But ensuring that the streaming experience matches the expectations of users is key to the success of such services.

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H2 2019 NPAW’s Video Streaming & Broadcasting Report

In this report, we have dug deep into our quality streaming data to uncover the state of the video streaming ecosystem. From over 100 billion annual plays from all over the world and over 150 video services, we have collated the most notable and high-impact developments defining the state of the industry today.

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H1 2019 NPAW’s Video Streaming & Broadcasting Report

We collected and analyzed the data to offer you a comprehensive picture of the industry benchmarks. Compare your service and get the insights to improve your viewers’ experience according to global standards.

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