Video device probes for monitoring, troubleshooting, and QA

The NPAW Device Probe (NDP) combines software and hardware for video QoE and QoS monitoring, troubleshooting, and automated QA with a focus on the end user

video content analytics

What is NPAW Probes?

The NPAW Device Probe (NDP) streamlines video monitoring and quality measurement by automating event detection and service qualification. The solution captures, analyzes, and reports on audio-video data while simulating varying network conditions. Its advanced scripting enables automated troubleshooting and device control, all from a central hub for seamless data management and integration with external systems. NDP transforms video QA and troubleshooting from a manual to an automated process, offering customizable dashboards for thorough analysis and the automation of traditionally manual tasks.


Continuously monitor Live TV, VoD, and network performance with probes located at fixed locations, providing real-time and recurring reporting of metrics and traps


Access accurate trace logs for simplified root cause identification and replicating conditions, either manually or through ad hoc scripts

Automate QA

Simulate conditions and leverage extensive, flexible scripting for a more systematic and less time-consuming approach to service testing

One solution for the whole product lifecycle

NDP helps you monitor and boost the end-user experience with a single tool across the entire product environment, from design to operations

Fast root cause identification focused on the end user

Easily pinpoint the root cause of issues

NDP automatically records and stores events, allowing you to trace and replicate issues to determine their root cause in record time

Troubleshoot based on user experience

Mitigate issues based on their impact on the end user with accurate quality monitoring of video, audio, navigation, and network

Centralized control and third-party integration

video content analytics

Manage probes and data from a central hub

Access and analyze collected data from a central web dashboard. Manage all deployed probes via a unified interface, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency

Easily integrate NDP into your data ecosystem

NDP is compatible with a range of third-party platforms including the NPAW Suite, SNMP Alarm, Jenkins/Jira, InfluxDB/Grafana, and OSS

Scripting for time-efficient QA testing and measurement

Automate testing and monitoring 

Execute scripts to automate navigation, command devices remotely, simulate network impairments, detect issues and artifacts, and report events

Powerful development framework

Easily develop hundreds of scripts to cover all possible scenarios. Validate them before deployment in the production environment

Adaptable hardware options

A compact mini PC, a video capture dongle, connectors, and emitters help you create custom setups tailored to your needs, including a rack configuration option

Combining Client and Network Analytics for Streaming Service Providers

Rewatch NPAW and Telestream while explaining how our combined solution has solved the industry’s longstanding problem: having view end to viewer-provider metrics. Join us while we go through how, combining client and video network analytics with content validation, minimizes the financial impact of failures and proactively manages user satisfaction.

Improve your Quality of Service with NPAW

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