Your AI companion for accelerated issue mitigation and data analysis

NaLa transforms your team into data champions, enabling swift analytics of large data sets to resolve issues promptly and intuitively to safeguard your users’ satisfaction

video content analytics

What is NaLa?

NPAW’s NaLa is a cutting-edge, natural language AI companion app. Fully integrated into the NPAW Suite of apps, it helps video streaming services analyze vast amounts of data in seconds to derive key learnings and quickly identify the root cause of platform issues. Spending less time trying to understand what went wrong or how to improve your service leads to fewer dissatisfied users and a more efficient use of resources. NaLa’s versatile interface caters to all preferences, providing quick answers through voice, text, email, or just a couple of clicks. With NaLa, every team member, regardless of their analytics or NPAW Suite knowledge, becomes a data expert. This fosters a data-driven organization that operates based on facts.

Accelerate root cause identification

Comb through endless data points to identify the reason behind errors in record time, protecting user satisfaction and reducing costs 

Uncover insights easily and in your way

Interact with NaLa through text, voice, or email in almost any language in the world. Quickly obtain in-depth insights with a few clicks 

Turn every team member into a data expert

Equip each member of the team with the ability to make decisions and communicate progress based on facts — no matter their data analytics expertise 

Unlocking the power of open source

NaLa is mostly based on open-source generative AI models, meaning all your data will be handled by NPAW itself with all the GDPR and privacy guarantees we embody

Identify the cause of issues in seconds to protect users 

Instantly get to the bottom of every issue

Waste no time identifying the root cause of issues impacting your users to minimize dissatisfaction and costs

Detect trends, anomalies, and key learnings

Conduct in-depth analyses in a few clicks to derive actionable insights to improve your video platform and boost growth

Work with data in your own way

video content analytics

Choose your method of interacting with NaLa

Ask NaLa questions through text, voice, or directly via email in almost every language. Receive responses in text, graphs, and even source code to assist with API requests

Get recurring email reports

Request reports covering the topics of your choosing and get them delivered periodically via email 

Enable a truly data-driven organization at every level

Build a team of independent data experts

Give each employee in operations, business, support, and technical departments the gift of deep data analysis to promote strategic decision making

Ask NaLa to create custom dashboards and reference documentation

NaLa will create dashboards and insights tailored to each team member’s needs and can reference both company and NPAW documentation to help you navigate the Suite

Turbocharge your platform performance and user satisfaction with NaLa

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