Smart Multi-CDN Switching for Video Streaming

With NPAW’s CDN Balancer, streaming providers can improve video QoS and optimize their overall M-CDN strategy, automatically switching between CDNs based on business needs

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What is smart multi-CDN switching?

NPAW’s CDN Balancer is a smart multi-CDN switching and monitoring tool made specifically for video streaming. It tracks video performance and allows for smart content distribution based on predefined business or quality settings. With CDN performance insights provided in real time, video providers can optimize user experience by analyzing their best-performing CDNs, identifying appropriate CDN switches, and weighing CDN providers by technology requirements and costs.

Improve your multi-CDN management

Automatically collect and analyze user data worldwide on CDN Quality of Experience. Make data-based decisions about the best CDN for your service at each moment.

Advanced business decision rules

Identify the best M-CDN strategy for you defining the decision-making progress by setting up security, business and performance  rules

CDN performance insights in real time

Optimize user experience by analyzing their best-performing CDNs, identifying appropriate CDN switches, and weighing CDN providers by technology requirements and costs

Flexible multi-CDN switching based on QoE data

Tailor your multi-CDN switching to your audience and business needs — all based on end-user insights

Reduce costs by selecting the best video streaming CDN setup for your service

72% of video providers who have switched to a multi-CDN strategy report their costs have decreased or stayed the same. Use CDN analytics from NPAW to outperform content delivery.

Optimize multi-CDN infrastructure for better QoS

Improve your M-CDN strategy

Analyze which of your currently used CDNs are performing well in real time. Know which is delivering the best user experience at which time and in which region.

Answer ‘what is my best CDN?’ with a CDN scoring tool

Know if your content is being delivered by the best performing CDN for any ISP and in any region. And use our scoring tool to generate a score for all CDNs.

Monitor alternative CDNs in real time

Check if switching to a different CDN would improve the user’s perceived quality of experience.

cdn analytics

CDN Balancer not only helps us tailor our CDN consumption to each of our audience segments’ needs, but it also lets us control costs and allocate our infrastructure resources in a way that’s not only beneficial for us, but gives our end users a better streaming experience.

Niklas Hammarbäck

Product Manager

Use Cases

Set up a backup CDN based on business rules

Configure a backup CDN to switch to in case a catastrophic failure occurs in your main CDN, avoiding massive outages 

Bandwidth limitation

Limit bandwidth to avoid penalties and performance problems from CDN providers for exceeding traffic limits

Meet your commitments with CDN providers

Define the rules by which to balance the traffic between your different CDN providers to meet your SLAs and improve budget allocation

Cost management

Combine your CDNs to ensure your capacity during high-traffic time periods, distributing your CDN traffic by time slot depending on your audience peaks

Use CDN performance monitoring to create a winning M-CDN strategy

Utilize CDN analytics to optimize your CDN portfolio

Analyze what is available in your CDN portfolio. Setup a multi-vendor approach by having the right configuration and solution in place.

Develop your international expansion

Identify which of the CDN providers best suits the international expansion for each new country.

Identify your CDN price-quality ratio

Choose the best-priced CDN providers to fit your requirements and budget.

How Viaplay and NPAW built a smart M-CDN switching tool for video streaming

Learn how Viaplay, one of the leading European streaming services, and NPAW built CDN Balancer: a powerful, flexible, and resilient M-CDN balancing solution that automatically selects the best CDN according to business and audience requirements.

Improve your CDN strategy with NPAW

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