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Inside NPAW’s Monthly Meetings

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Company

Typically taking place on the last Friday of every month, our monthly meetings are part of NPAW’s DNA. They offer the opportunity for the entire team to meet outside the day-to-day to discuss what’s been happening at the company and mingle alongside food and drinks.

From presentations on the latest company results and initiatives to thematic lunches, here’s an insider’s look at NPAW’s monthly meetings.


Catching up on the latest NPAW news

The main goal of our monthly meetings is for everyone at NPAW to catch up on the latest news regarding the company and get visibility into the activities and milestones of the various departments. 

Held at our Barcelona headquarters’ ground floor, where our technical teams are based, the meetings feature a hybrid format (both in-person and online) so that all employees can join in regardless of where they are based. 

After a short introduction by our Head of People Edgar Bigas, executive management, departmental heads, and project leads take turns to fill everyone in. 

Employees get the chance to hear how things went at past industry events or with the latest sales efforts. They also get briefed on any new product updates or changes to company structure, as well as on the current projects of focus for every department. 

Additionally, new employees get to present themselves in front of the entire NPAW team, and everyone gets to ask questions and voice their opinions on key company issues.


A special guest

Yet it’s not only about the company that we talk about. The HR teams usually invite a special guest to present an external initiative that NPAW is part of or supports. In the latest monthly meeting in May, our employees were introduced to
A.E. Ramassà, a football club, and NGO from Franqueses del Vallès (Spain) that uses sport as a tool of social change. 

A contributing member of the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) and an ambassador of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), A.E. Ramassà works with Africa’s NGOs and associations to help fund projects aligned with the club’s philosophy and carry out educational workshops for at-risk youth. 

Fereshteh Rafat, an Afghan activist, journalist, and A.E. Ramassà’s ambassador told NPAW’s staff about her journey fleeing the Taliban and how the club and NGO became a safe haven for self-expression. Isolated all of a sudden in a new and foreign country, Fereshteh found in A.E. Ramassà a place to connect with other refugees and build a strong community around the shared values of sport.

But beyond company-wide updates and inspiring talks, our monthly meetings are about promoting our team culture and the interactions between employees who don’t get to work together on a regular basis.


And off to lunch 

Every monthly meeting ends with a team lunch in our cafeteria area and the large, sunny terrace on our office’s ground floor. Lunches often have a theme (e.g. carnival, pizza day, or barbecue) to make them more fun and diverse.


Our latest lunch, for instance, featured a selection of Argentinian-style grilled veggies and meats prepared under the expert direction of our Argentinian staff members. It was the perfect occasion for our employees to hang out together in the warm May sun and exchange stories about their most recent professional and personal achievements. 

At NPAW, we believe that fostering real human connections based on trust and really knowing each other is the way to build a more dynamic and engaged team. Our monthly meetings are a critical part of this process, allowing us to establish deeper relationships between staff members while factoring in the occasional fun time our hard work deserves.