Whistleblower Channel

NPAW has implemented a Whistleblower Channel (in Spanish, “Canal de denuncias“) in accordance with Law 2/2023, dated February 20th. The purpose of this channel is to enable any direct member of NPAW’s team (board of directors, top management and employees) or related parties (partners, suppliers and third parties) to report any indication or suspicion of a conduct that may involve:

  • Non-compliance with applicable regulations, protocols, procedures and internal controls;
  • Commission of acts that do not adhere to ethical principles and good business practices;
  • Commission of acts that could be considered as criminal.

These communications can be submitted anonymously or by identifying yourself. Reports are received by an external law firm, Asesoría Penal Corporativa S.L.

Such reports can be made here

To learn more about NPAW’s compliance policy, please contact info@nicepeopleatwork.com.