Real-time A/B testing and content analytics for publishers

Increase reader engagement with real-time content analytics for publishers. Identify underperforming content, conduct image and headline testing, and make strategic editorial decisions based on user behavior and preferences

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What is Publisher Analytics? 

Publisher Analytics provides advanced content analytics for publishers, helping you enhance reader engagement and retention based on user behavior insights and preferences. The tool lets editorial teams monitor content performance in real time to quickly identify and address underperforming articles. Automated A/B testing allows for easy image and headline tests, automatically selecting the most compelling content elements to maximize user interest and traffic. Comprehensive dashboards provide in-depth KPIs to help you better understand your audience and inform your editorial strategy.

Monitor and boost article performance

Obtain real-time insights into the performance of your articles and choose the most engaging headlines and images 

Make fact-based editorial decisions

Define your editorial strategy and coverage based on actionable insights about reader preferences and user behavior

Understand your audience by segment

Identify the specific interests of each audience segment to boost user engagement, foster retention, and maximize traffic monetization

Optimize content elements and allocation 

 Inform your product strategy with real-time user behavior insights and boost engagement across the customer lifecycle

Make data-driven editorial decisions to maximize reader engagement

Identify and address underperforming articles

Pinpoint underperforming articles and refine your content strategy to boost reader engagement

Automate image, subtitle, and headline testing

Easily set up A/B tests for the different content elements and let the tool automatically select the most compelling ones

Powerful yet friendly user interface

Real-time ranking markers provide instant feedback on article performance, requiring no data analysis skills to operate

Leverage deep insights into user behavior and reader preferences

video content analytics

Track key reader engagement metrics

Gain an in-depth understanding of article performance with CTR and post-click engagement metrics like bounce rates and quality clicks

Take a pulse of your users at every stage

Dive into every stage of the customer lifecycle, with specific dashboards for tracking user acquisition, engagement, and retention

Access user insights by device type

Filter user insights by device type to understand what type of content works best for each platform

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