Compare your performance with the industry average

NPAW’s QoE Benchmarks lets you understand how you perform on the key quality KPIs in comparison with your competitors in your region

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Decisive market intelligence

With NPAW’s QoE Benchmarks, you can compare the quality of experience of your platform and products with that of your competitors. Dive deep into your regional performance with reliable and vendor-agnostic market intelligence. Set strategic and realistic QoE goals to stay ahead of the competition.

Measure your business performance

Learn about the industry average for the most important quality KPIs per device, region, ISP, and content type

Identify your areas for improvement

Gain focus in order to optimize investments, plan provisions better, and clarify expansion plans

Compare your progress with the competition

Evaluate the changes that you and your competitors make over time to check if the changes were made for the better

Compare your product with the largest streaming database in the world

Find QoE benchmarks for every device, region, ISP, content type, and CDN.

Compare your product with the industry average

Check the performance of your product per device, region, ISP, content type, and CDN

Understand how your product is performing in comparison to other video providers in the industry.

Improve the efficiency of your IT budget

Understand the performance of your competitors to make data-based decisions to improve your product.

cdn analytics

When it comes to core decision-making, analytics and data-driven technologies can’t be after-thoughts. They are catalysts for any company who wants to remain competitive and achieve accelerated digital transformation.

Sergi Vergés

COO & Co-founder at NPAW

cdn analytics

Prioritize IT spending and improve first things first

Get the complete picture of your market situation

Understand where your competitors are better than you and where you need to invest to catch up with them

Identify where you lag behind the most 

Focus on the improvements that are needed the most and invest in the areas where your competitors have the biggest advantage

Analyze the effects of your changes in comparison with your competitors

Proof that changes were made for the better

Produce a detailed before-and-after analysis comparing your performance against industry benchmarks

Monitor changes made over time

Evaluate how stable infrastructure changes are over time and how well your competitors did over the same time period

Re-Adjusting Viewing Behaviors to a New Normal

As we cross the midway point of 2021, we are witnessing an impressive reboot of the industry. One notable phenomenon is how end-users are applying lessons learned from the past year. Indeed, how they are readjusting their viewing behaviors to a new normal.

Compare your Quality of Service with industry benchmarks

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