Video product analytics built for streaming 

Enhance your video products at every stage of the customer journey. Boost content consumption and customer retention with user behavior analytics

video content analytics

What is Video Product Analytics? 

NPAW’s video Product Analytics is a comprehensive video product intelligence tool that helps you optimize your video content, product strategy, and user journey to boost business growth. Covering all stages of the customer journey, from acquisition to customer retention, and leveraging AI, Product Analytics uncovers content consumption trends and improvement opportunities throughout the user journey, enabling you to better understand your video audience and tailor your video products to their needs

Enhance video content sourcing

Understand your users’ content preferences with deep video content analysis and take steps to source more attractive, relevant content to your audience

Increase marketing effectiveness

Create sharper marketing campaigns by understanding user behavior and interests. Know exactly when and where you should promote your content

Leverage user behavior analysis to improve retention and prevent churn

Harness insights to enhance product offerings and user journeys, boosting satisfaction, loyalty, and user engagement

Unlock fact-based product growth  

 Inform your product strategy with real-time user behavior insights and boost engagement across the customer lifecycle

Boost your user experience at every stage of the customer journey

Make smarter marketing decisions

Identify the most viewed content with user retention and device insights and a wealth of custom video data filter sets. Generate actionable insights to inform future marketing campaigns

Design and implement the most attractive campaigns at the right time

Drill down into audience engagement data to roll out better marketing and content decisions. Stop guessing what content could work, or when and where to connect with your users

Increase marketing efficiency

Gain insights into user content preferences with best-in-class video content analysis and improve growth and churn rates. Learn how you can reach your client base more efficiently


Identify potential user segments

Product Analytics helps you identify the most valuable user segments based on previous consumption behavior or demographic details of the audience with similar characteristics 

Effective marketing & advertising 

By analyzing user behavior, preferences, and demographics, the tool allows streaming services to run targeted promotional campaigns effectively depending on the most appropriate acquisition channel 


User onboarding optimization

Identify bottlenecks in the onboarding process that might be causing user drop-offs 

Personalized suggestions 

Suggest content to new users based on insights derived from the viewing habits of similar users and improve the conversion rates 


Content optimization

By analyzing viewing patterns, search queries, and ratings, streaming services can refine their content to better cater to user preferences

User Experience (UX) improvement

Analytics helps you identify UX issues that might be hindering user engagement, such as dead-ends, inefficient navigations, or the inability to discover the right content 


Deliver targeted retention strategies

Provide personalized interventions to customers at risk of churning. This can include personalized offers, proactive customer support, or tailored incentives

Understand audience behaviour

Understand popular content, genres, and viewer engagement to make data-driven decisions on content acquisition, production, and programming to improve viewer retention.

NPAW helps give Gaia a confident view into the quality of our delivered content.

Jason Riley

Snr. Director of IT/Ops

Advanced video content analysis and AI-powered insights to meet your users’ needs  

video content analytics

Increase video consumption

Use video engagement data to inform content based on user consumption patterns and tastes. See average playtime, titles per user, and happiness scores to proactively make data-driven decisions.

Expand user loyalty

Boost content plays and completion rates. Raise stickiness by offering more attractive content based on user data across dozens of user, device, geo, network, and content dimensions.

Reduce churn

Leverage historical and real-time streaming analytics to learn when, where, and why users fall off. Offer high-interest content for video consumption to proactively reduce potential user churn.

A user-centric approach to unlocking your products’ potential and boosting growth

Identify how product and marketing changes affect users

Optimize marketing spend and acquisition strategies by segmenting users based on demographics, engagement, and conversion behavior.

Boost platform UX and content allocation

Utilize audience analytics insights for a “before and after” view of product updates.

Deliver personalized experiences with user segmentation tools

Monitor plays, playtime, sessions, and active user evolution within each segment. Identify trends and opportunities with key KPIs for top taste communities

How OCS used Game of Thrones viewing data to up user retention by 66%

With an advanced layer of player-side video intelligence, OCS’s broadcasting platform was able to make data-driven strategic decisions. The result,  proactive resolution of technical issues and a guaranteed quality streaming experience that capitalizes on its blockbuster content.

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