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Our Latest Product Updates – From CDN Balancer to NaLa and App Analytics

by | May 12, 2022 | Product Updates

The video streaming space is constantly changing and adapting. The emergence of new technologies and the fierce competition make the perfect combination for a fast moving environment. Not only are providers always on the lookout for new ways to improve their service, but also users can’t get enough of new content, new features, and the highest quality to enjoy the best possible streaming experience.

This is why the NPAW Suite is continuously evolving — to overcome our customers’ pain points, but also to bring innovations that take the streaming industry to the next level.

From GDPR management, to the most advanced CDN balancing technology and a natural language-powered video analytics search engine, here are the latest NPAW Suite product updates that you can’t miss.


Smart multi-CDN balancing

Working with multiple content delivery network (CDN) providers allows streaming services to have a more robust content delivery infrastructure to serve its customers, as individual CDNs are vulnerable to outages and drops in performance. Switching between CDNs results in more reliable availability and higher video quality — major drivers for higher viewer engagement and lower churn.

But, in a multi-CDN environment, streaming services need an easy way to switch between CDNs and do it in a way that takes into account both your streaming quality and business goals — enter NPAW’s new CDN Balancer.

CDN Balancer

Powered by AI and NPAW’s extensive video streaming analytics insights, CDN Balancer lets services automatically select the right CDN based on the end user’s perceived quality of experience. Thanks to real-time video insights, the system can detect and anticipate drops in performance and peaks in consumption to optimize video delivery for each user, region, and device. 

Services are able to switch between CDNs to prioritize video quality, but also to fulfill business requirements such as controling costs and meeting the service quotas with each CDN provider.

Learn more about CDN Balancer.


Getting the full picture with app analytics

In today’s hyper-competitive streaming space, content providers must make the most of their platform and service if they want to retain users and increase revenue. To do so, they need the right analytics tool, one that allows them to understand the entire user journey and not miss any vital parts.

The winning combination here is that of a tool that combines video analytics — i.e. insights into how video is consumed and experienced from the end user’s perspective — and application analytics — insights about the video app’s performance and how users navigate it.

App Analytics

With its new App Analytics tool, the NPAW Suite becomes the only streaming analytics platform in the market combining video and app analytics to provide end-to-end visibility into the user’s experience.

With it, streaming services are equipped with a single source of truth with which to make decisions regarding video playback and in-app performance and navigation. They can also identify the root cause of errors more easily and rapidly, improving user satisfaction and reducing churn. 

Explore the benefits of NPAW’s App Analytics.


Natural language search

Implementing a truly data-driven culture is the ultimate goal of any organization looking to unleash the full power of data analytics. It is of special importance in the rapidly evolving streaming industry, in which providers increasingly need to base every decision on reliable data to stay ahead of events and meet customer expectations.

Using the right analytics tools is a very important first step, but these need to be adopted across departments and serve as a guide for the whole company — something that can get tricky when extracting actionable data insights requires technical skills or in-depth knowledge of tools and methodologies.


NPAW’s NaLa is a natural language-powered data search and representation engine that leverages machine learning to allow users of any level of expertise to access insights about their streaming service. It effectively democratizes access to data insights across the organization, empowering users to make data-driven decisions regardless of how adept they are at working with data.

Using voice or text, users can ask NaLa common-language questions about anything ranging from the most popular device amongst end users or the titles that generate more engagement. The tool then response using a combination of graphics and text to deliver an easily digestible answer. 

Seamless GDPR management

GDPR requires information management systems like the NPAW Suite to allow their customers to manage their data in a way that is fully compliant with current regulations around the privacy and protection of personal data. That means that analytics platforms must allow customers to obfuscate and delete personal information based on their specific access and processing needs. 

These requests are often handled manually, with the customer contacting the analytics provider’s support department to request that the data be modified to meet with GDPR requirements. This can a cumbersome and time-consuming process, and that’s why at NPAW we have simplified it.

The NPAW Suite now integrates a features to easily create and automatically apply custom data privacy rules to comply with GDPR. Users can choose what data to obfuscate and delete and then apply these criteria programmatically in just a few clicks.