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Mastering User Engagement with End-to-End Analytics

by | May 28, 2024 | Solutions

We’ve crafted a powerful toolset with our NPAW Suite that gives businesses a full picture of how users interact with their service and how well the service performs. From the start, we focus on bringing together all the important pieces – our special way of integrating data, keeping a close eye on video performance, digging deep into analytics, providing solutions that put users first, and following smart ways to deliver content.

Together, these elements work in synergy to give businesses better control over their service, reduce problems, and build a stronger connection with their audience, which leads to steady growth and higher profits.

The NPAW Suite

Emphasizing on an end-to-end approach, our platform stretches from the core infrastructure to the final user interaction. In real-time, our integrated applications work hand in hand to provide an encompassing view of how our clients’ services interact with users. Swiftly identifying potential improvement areas, the platform allows for quick rectification before issues can disrupt the service.

NPAW’s unique data integration process sets us apart. Using our plugins and probes, we enrich service analytics through our applications and customizable dashboards. As a result, we offer in-depth analysis of video service delivery, encompassing playback tracking, user engagement assessment, advertising optimization, and industry benchmark comparisons. Beyond video services, we enhance website interaction, promoting personalized content to optimize user attraction.

“From infrastructure probing, through analytics, to content delivery, our applications offer exclusive insights to optimize service provision and elevate user engagement from a holistic approach.”

Video Monitoring

Our robust video monitoring solution escorts every network handover point, ensuring complete visibility of the streaming service infrastructure. By integrating infrastructure metrics with user-centric data, our platform can immediately correlate users, errors, and infrastructure-related causes. This leads to streamlined error isolation focusing on service’s critical issues, thus minimizing downtime and customer impact.

Assisting this process is the innovative NPAW Probes, designed to elevate video monitoring and quality assessments through network probes. NDP streamlines device control tasks and troubleshooting by automating event detection and service qualification, ensuring a consolidated data management system compatible with external systems.

Quality of Service and Experience: Analytics

Uniting the forces of Video Analytics, App Analytics, and Benchmarks, we offer a powerful toolkit dedicated to optimize quality of service (QoS) and experience (QoE) in video delivery.

The Video Analytics application operates in real-time, assessing video platform performances and monitoring user behavior during playback. This ability to predict the customer journey, highlight touchpoints, root causes, and proactively detect affected users boosts service consistency and heightens user satisfaction and retention.

Designed to complement Video Analytics, App Analytics enables event tracking within web and app environments, such as navigation, clicks, and logins. Understanding this behavior allows the enhancement of user experience from the moment they begin interacting with the platform until they exit.

Supplementing the analytics suite, the Benchmarks app compares client performance to industry averages. This application identifies weaker-performing areas, reveals market-specific quality trends, and helps evaluate agreements with external providers, like Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

User-Centric Business Strategies

Understanding audience behavior and taking control of user journeys is vital to creating a user-centric strategy. To meet this demand, we’ve crafted dedicated applications to satisfy specific client requirements and tackle complex challenges.

With Product Analytics, NPAW offers granular insights into viewer demographics, preferences, engagement, and content performance. This panoramic view enables businesses to customize content distribution and marketing strategies proactively meet the ever-changing needs of the audience, thus maximizing efficacy, user satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Facing the undeniable role of advertising in the digital world, our Ads Analytics Is an indispensable asset to boost revenue and user interaction. This application aids in strategy optimization, maximization of ad revenue and efficient utilization of ad slots. The analytical tool coexists with our other apps, orchestrating harmonization of business decisions with technical operations.

Still considering what catches users’ attention and click, our Publisher Analytics application offers publishers an effective way to manage content publishing. Even beyond our video-related applications, this app can perform real-time A/B testing, with the system automatically selecting the best content elements based on user interaction. The automated comparisons, perfect editorial strategy and mold content for maximal appeal.

Content Delivery with CDN Balancer

Our CDN Balancer serves as the dynamic decision-maker in gauging the optimal CDN to deliver content to a specific user. Not only does it maximize the user’s QoE and minimize costs, but it also mitigates risks associated with delivery partners. Leveraging data from our Video Analytics and App Analytics applications, the CDN Balancer automatically selects the most suitable CDN for each user, by actively switching to the best server option. 

Integrated synergistically with our other solutions, this tool bolsters content delivery management, balances multiple CDN providers, and creates a consistent content delivery landscape. Regardless of the audience’s geographical distribution, our CDN Balancer ensures high-performance content scalability and promotes user retention.

Our Integrated Approach to be the Video Intelligence Company 

From infrastructure probing, through analytics, to content delivery, our applications offer exclusive insights to optimize service provision and elevate user engagement from a holistic approach. These solutions equip businesses with the power to anticipate user needs, smoothly navigate challenges, exploit opportunities, and foster consistent experiences for users. Our integrated end-to-end approach champions the growth of our clients’ businesses while maximizing revenues.