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Inside NPAW’s quality assurance department

by | May 29, 2018 | Company

We’ve met with three of the six team members ensuring that our software meets the highest requirements to know what it’s like working in their department. Here is what they had to say:

Take us through a typical week working in QA

A: The job of the QA engineer is a busy job that includes different and diverse tasks. Monday is a good day to review our customers’ integrations status and catch-up to plan the week. The team meets the first day of every week and we decide that week’s tasks and priorities, which we’ll review on Friday, closing the week.

J: We incorporate the priorities coming from the Customer Engineering team in this sprint plan. During the week we invest most of our time working on customers’ integrations to ensure that the product is working as expected for each client’s environment. We review requirements, test scope, design documentation, set up the testing environment(s) for the upcoming integrations and proceed with the testing. From this, we receive a report showcasing the results and bugs raised.
This work requires collaboration with the plugins development team in order to identify needed developments and improvements. It also requires a keen eye for optimization and efficiency. That allows us to improve the internal processes and documentation.

D: During the retrospective we discuss what we can improve and how to achieve it. We identify areas for improvement and suggest solutions to the existing problems. This is very important to scale the department as we grow our customer base.

Which would you say is the most important aspect of the QA engineer work here at NPAW?

D: To achieve our goals we need to be very organized and have a good memory. Being thorough, alert and resourceful is key.

A: I’d add attention to detail and technical approach to the list. Despite not needing any coding skills, it is important to be able to learn quickly about IT and online video delivery technology.

J: Sure, and QA engineers need to be good at multitasking because they need to follow everything that’s changing in the organization and at the same time, keep 100% of their focus on the task at hand i.e. testing in order to avoid mistakes.

For a candidate that’s considering applying or starting a career in QA, what are the best and the worst aspects of the job?

J: For me the best thing is the chance to interact with different media platforms and new technologies.
A: And being the first one to test the product from the users’ perspective.

D: I’d point out the people here as being the best part. The greatest part of working at NPAW is that it’s a mixture of great technical minds with even greater personalities. You always feel accepted and welcomed for who you are while working and growing together. And don’t forget about having fun! If it’s not fun it’s not worth doing it. The part that’s less enjoyable is that if you’re not the biggest fan of precision it’ll be pretty hard to meet expectations.

J: For me, the thing I like the least is that there are some repetitive tasks involved with the job.

A: And a big workload!

And what about the team? How do you feel being part of this group?

J: Everyone is nice and helpful.

A: The QA Team is like a little family who work and laugh together. You can be sure that you are going to get roasted if you do something stupid but we never take it personally. We always try to help each other in every way possible. From speaking to your colleagues’ plumber in Spanish to helping each other find an apartment.

D: It’s amazing to be a part of QA and be involved in developing such unique and advanced products. From the beginning you can experience very friendly atmosphere. Also, the intro training was very effective and clear. The team and the whole office are just incredible, everyone is open for suggestions and ideas.

What is your advice to newbies joining this team?

J: If you have no previous IT experience, but you are motivated, determined and you like to “play” with different devices, we will teach you everything from the beginning and you will enjoy being part of NPAW

A: Even if you don’t have the experience but you have a will to put in the hours and try your best you will be successful at NPAW. You will always have a room full of intelligent people to help you out if needed.

D: Do and remember what Maria [head of QA] tells you!