Level Up Your
Streaming Quality
with NPAW’s CDN
Active Switching

Consumers have little patience when it comes to low video quality and playback issues like buffering — problems that M-CDN systems can help mitigate.

NPAW’s CDN Active Switching is the next evolution of M-CDN balancing systems, switching CDNs mid-stream to provide the highest quality, maximize the delivered bitrate and prevent playback errors.

In this white paper, we introduce this ground-breaking solution and share the Quality of Experience boosts that our customers are seeing when enabling Active Switching on their platforms.

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Mock-up: white paper on how to measure video streaming quality


CDN Active Switching: Unparalleled quality gains

In recent months, our customers have experienced outstanding results when implementing Active Switching. These numbers highlight the significant impact that Active Switching can have on content delivery reliability and user experience, especially when it comes to preventing in-stream issues stemming from server-side malfunctions or CDN failures. Download the white paper to learn all about it.

    The use of Active Switching resulted in an impressive 91% reduction
    in startup errors for Android and 88% fewer startup errors for web.
    Meanwhile, in-stream failures on web were reduced by 13% — NPAW Customer

    NPAW is the leading video intelligence company helping online streaming services grow. A global leader in its space, NPAW has a decade of experience developing groundbreaking and scalable analytics solutions to optimize performance and user engagement to build media experiences that maximize revenue. NPAW serves more than 190 video services and processes over 124 billion plays per year worldwide.


    The NPAW Suite provides OTTs, broadcasters, operators, and media groups with holistic and advanced visibility of platform performance, audience behavior, advertising, and content efficiency in real time to support informed, data-driven decisions.

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