Video Streaming  Industry Report —H1 2022

Dive deep into the trends that shaped global streaming strategies in the first half of 2022 with NPAW’s Video Streaming Industry Report H1 2022.

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Increased competition

Even the biggest industry players are starting to feel the effects of increased competition and the finite nature of the consumers’ time. Daily playtime per user and service continues to fall across VoD and Linear TV, while attracting and retaining users is becoming ever more challenging as subscription fatigue and global economic uncertainty grow.

Quality vs. engagement

Tt is not always easy to establish a clear correlation between changes in quality and engagement. That is exactly why we have compared quality metrics with engagement trends across regions for the last six quarters, showing the importance of protecting and improving the quality of experience as the key to a successful streaming strategy.

How video streaming quality affects user engagement for VoD

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Lower consumption per user and Linear TV service compared to the first half 2021

The daily average each user watches per VoD service


Higher Linear TV sports streaming consumption than in H1 2021

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“Attracting and retaining users is becoming increasingly challenging as competition between services and global economic uncertainty grow. Long-term success depends on a more fundamental formula: superior content + a superior experience.”

Ferran G. Vilaró, CEO and Co-Founder of NPAW

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