CVE Partners with NPAW for End-to-End, Real-Time Video Intelligence for Streaming Services

Barcelona, June 26, 2023

CVE, Communication Video Engineering, Signs a Partnership Agreement with NPAW for End-to-End, Real-Time Video Intelligence for Streaming Services

“Our presence in the broadcast market for over 40 years”, says Luca Catalano, CEO of CVE, Communication Video Engineering, “is marked by the continuous search for the best partnerships that allow our customers to respond promptly to the changing needs of an ever-evolving industry.

And that is why we just signed a partnership agreement with NPAW, whose mission is to help online video companies unlock the full potential of their data to deliver superior user experiences, inform the content strategy, and boost revenue.

NPAW has created the NPAW Suite, a streaming video analytics platform, as virtually all media companies today make use of streaming platforms for distributing and monetizing their content to varying degrees. As a global leader in holistic, end-to-end video intelligence solutions for streaming services, NPAW is convinced that having accurate and detailed information on the consumption habits and the quality of experience of customers and viewers is fundamental to building and maintaining the success of any video service.

Being able to understand the value that user behavior demonstrates towards a streaming service and knowing the perceived quality of that service are more important than ever in a world where competition is increasingly fierce. Furthermore, being aware of where competitors stand in this regard is equally decisive for one’s positioning.

NPAW offers custom video analytics dashboards for deep audience and content performance measurement tailored to each streaming service’s needs. These data-driven insights serve as a holistic monitoring solution that is fed back throughout the content delivery chain to design more effective business strategies.

By having reliable, independent data returned in real time, streaming services can create a very precise picture of the “quality of experience” and implement advanced user experience analytics, which allow for key decisions to be made to foster growth.

Luca Catalano continues: “More than 190 companies globally rely on NPAW’s video audience, content, and quality measurement solutions to optimize their streaming platforms.. Today, it is not enough to provide a service with excellent content, but it has become essential to better understand the audience, what drives video consumption and the possible variables affecting viewer engagement. We can finally measure in detail the impact that changes have on the product and or on communications’ ‘.

The efficiency of a service coincides with its better monetization and therefore NPAW seeks to change the way services and content companies do business today. It does this by offering video measurement software that track habits and find improvement opportunities.

These analysis tools offer a complete picture that helps media organizations make timely, more accurate decisions based on actionable and accurate audience insights. Deeper viewing experience measurement provides an accurate and real-time frame of reference to help maximize product value.

The improvements, identifiable by the change of visualizations and engagement, are therefore applicable across all departments and also useful to increase marketing efficiency. This allows streaming businesses to allocate the marketing budget more effectively, monitoring the success of each activity strategically.

Evaluating business cases based on historical data becomes child’s play. Video and platform data allow media companies to create  truly user-centric products and deliver scalable video streaming services. Reliable historical usage data also allows content providers to increase the stability of its products and better plan infrastructure resources and scalability.

Audience analytics insights return a “before and after” view of any product update deployed to create an error-free, real-time roadmap. Feedback on any changes made to products and services becomes immediate. Video and behavior insights can be accessed through customizable dashboards and specific reports that simplify tracking and allow services to receive alerts tailored to any product.

Having real-time and accurate data also enables businesses to prioritize partner management. With reliable, independent data foreach channel, with metrics such as usage by device, region or content, media companies can negotiate better partner contracts and implement a data-driven approach to billing.

“It’s also very easy to connect the impact of marketing on the success or failure of video content”, concludes Luca Catalano. “The effect of marketing campaigns on the consumption of video can be measured based on metrics such as how many unique new users are generated, in real-time and broken down by regions. Future budget allocation becomes easier by measuring past campaigns. Personalized dashboards of session-based KPIs, site performance and errors data, funnels, and granular data tracking all enable a better understanding of marketing performance.”

“We are excited to be partnering with CVE and tap their deep market expertise in the region,” says Ruben Senor-Megias, Chief Sales Officer of NPAW. “We look forward to working together with them and their customers to enable a data-driven approach to video streaming that fuels business growth by delivering superior viewing experiences.”

About NPAW

NPAW is an acknowledged global leader in technology innovations that track and analyze video consumption, user behavior, quality of experience, and quality of service, helping online streaming services grow. NPAW has over a decade of experience developing groundbreaking, scalable analytics solutions to optimize performance and user engagement, helping customers to build media experiences that maximize revenue. Its suite of analytics apps provides advanced visibility and actionable insights on platform performance, audience behavior, advertising and content efficiency, as well as app navigation in real-time to support data-driven decisions. NPAW serves more than 190 video services and processes over 100 billion plays per year worldwide. Established in 2008 by co-founders of the video streaming service Wuaki TV, which was later sold to Rakuten, NPAW has offices in Barcelona and New York with teams around the world.

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