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NPAW Launches Anti-Account Sharing, Cross-Device Playback Resuming for OTT Services

Barcelona, May 10, 2023

NPAW Launches Anti-Account Sharing, Cross-Device Playback Resuming for OTT Services

NPAW, the leading provider of analytics and business intelligence solutions for online video businesses, has introduced new anti-account sharing and playback-resuming solutions to its suite of analytics apps. Share Blocker gives subscription-based OTT services full control over their users’ account sharing to protect their source of revenue. PlayHead Tracker is an innovative cross-device bookmarking solution that enhances the video playback experience and significantly increases customer satisfaction. 

Designed to eliminate unauthorized account sharing and service abuse in OTT subscription services, the NPAW Suite’s new Share Blocker app enables advanced account management strategies that promote security and fairness for all users. With custom profile creation and advanced monitoring, services can effortlessly define and enforce the maximum number of in-house users, IPs, and concurrent sessions for each type of user account. 

On the other hand, the new PlayHead Tracker app solves inconsistent and unreliable video playback resumption across devices, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. NPAW’s 5-second beat provides users with an unparalleled average resume accuracy of 2.5 seconds, while the tool’s fully-developed, low-latency API ensures minimal impact on video playback startup times. A hassle-free integration requires minimal effort to incorporate the tool into existing services.

“Tackling abusive account sharing and ensuring a smooth viewing experience are both high on the priority list for OTT providers,” assured Ruben Senor-Megias, Chief Sales Officer of NPAW. ”We are committed to providing services with all the tools they need to face the industry’s evolving challenges, and these new two tools are yet one more example of that.”

CABSAT 2023 attendees can experience NPAW’s latest products firsthand by visiting the booth of the company’s partner, MAAS World (#S1 – E21, Dubai World Trade Center. Book a meeting here).

Attendees will also be able to demo NPAW’s CDN Active switching, a game-changing, automated multi-CDN switching technology that has helped NPAW customers reduce the number of video start-up errors by 91%. CDN Active Switching automatically selects for every chunk of video the CDN providing the highest possible video quality, using real-time, bi-directional communication between client and server to ensure an optimized video streaming experience for end users. The throughput limit is defined by the end user’s connection, not the CDN’s capacity, while the maximum delivered bitrate matches the addition of all CDNs’ available bandwidth for each user.

About NPAW

NPAW is an acknowledged global leader in technology innovations that track and analyze video consumption, user behavior, quality of experience, and quality of service, helping online streaming services grow. NPAW has over a decade of experience developing groundbreaking, scalable analytics solutions to optimize performance and user engagement, helping customers to build media experiences that maximize revenue. Its suite of analytics apps provides advanced visibility and actionable insights on platform performance, audience behavior, advertising and content efficiency, as well as app navigation in real-time to support data-driven decisions. NPAW serves more than 190 video services and processes over 100 billion plays per year worldwide. Established in 2008 by co-founders of the video streaming service Wuaki TV, which was later sold to Rakuten, NPAW has offices in Barcelona and New York with teams around the world.

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