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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Video Product with NPAW’s Product Analytics

In today’s fiercely competitive digital landscape, optimizing video products is crucial for maintaining user engagement and driving long-term business growth. NPAW’s Product Analytics offers a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to achieve this objective. Leveraging advanced data analysis and AI, this solution uncovers trends and improvement opportunities throughout the user journey, focusing on acquisition, activation, engagement, and retention.

In this blog, we dive deep into the various features of NPAW’s Product Analytics, exploring use cases and how it can help businesses unlock the full potential of their video products.


Full user journey visibility

NPAW’s Product Analytics solution delivers a comprehensive view of the user journey, from the moment they access the application to when they exit. By generating an overview of crucial KPIs at each stage, businesses can identify and track trends and filter data by specific metrics. Users can monitor fluctuations in KPIs within a selected time frame and view primary KPIs across dimensions, popular pages, and frequent events.

This empowers businesses to comprehend and address potential causes of bounces and drop-offs, thereby enhancing in-app marketing campaign efficiency.


In-depth audience insights


Product Analytics enables businesses to gain a deep understanding of their target audience by providing real-time insights into user interactions. Detailed reports display active users and essential demographic information such as age, gender, device, and location, allowing for nuanced comparisons against previous periods.

By swiftly identifying audience satisfaction levels and understanding usage patterns, businesses can pinpoint experiences that boost user retention and add value to their product.

Comprehensive user life cycle dashboards


NPAW’s Product Analytics combines these insights into four integrated dashboards designed to help video businesses optimize their products throughout the user life cycle: 

  • Acquisition Dashboard: Analyzes the impact of content, user demographics, and acquisition channels/sources in attracting new users, enabling businesses to evaluate marketing campaigns and uncover high-performing content.

  • Activation Dashboard: Monitors the user journey from sign-up to active usage, allowing businesses to refine product offerings and user experiences based on real-time data for different user segments. 

  • Engagement Dashboard: Examines factors influencing successful user sessions, offering insights into viewer engagement levels and potential improvement areas.

  • Retention Dashboard: Pinpoints elements contributing to user loyalty and retention, empowering businesses to enhance their offerings and cultivate enduring relationships with their audiences.

These dashboards harness the power of AI and advanced analytics, enriching product and user engagement data with external metadata. This enables businesses to gain unique insights into user preferences, demographics, and taste communities, informing their content strategy, product features, and marketing campaigns.


Advanced analytics tools


Product Analytics boasts a suite of tools and add-ons designed to help businesses optimize their video products effectively. 

User navigation tools

Funnels and Paths is one such tool, allowing users to track user navigation and comprehend general platform activity. This feature empowers businesses to set event conditions, add filters, and configure funnels based on their needs. With funnels and paths, businesses can identify user journeys, eliminate inefficient navigation paths, and enhance featured content allocation, ultimately improving the user experience.

Audience segmentation tools

Another valuable tool is Samples, which delivers insights to boost retention. This feature enables businesses to create custom audience samples and configure them based on specific conditions and dimensions. By setting up sample frequencies for events and evaluating the evolution of each sample over time, businesses can deliver targeted marketing and content promotions to specific segments. Furthermore, identifying user segments assists in building personalized media experiences and predicting potential churn, ensuring optimal user retention.

Content allocation tools

Additionally, there are optional add-ons like Home Booster, which allows businesses to delve deep into title performance, measure conversion rates, design covers, and more. This tool aids users in determining where to display new content on their homepage to increase awareness, optimize the content catalog, and deliver a superior overall experience. Utilizing Home Booster, businesses can fine-tune content delivery strategies to cater to user preferences and ensure consistent growth in user engagement and retention.


Product Analytics: Use cases 


Now that we have established the essential features and tools provided by Product Analytics, let’s explore how this solution can be integrated into your daily routine of managing an online video product.

Leveraging core functionalities such as conversion rate analysis, content distribution and catalog assessment, and navigational enhancements, video streaming platforms can elevate viewer retention and platform engagement. This ensures that their audience remains captivated and poised for more content amidst a fiercely competitive media space.

1. Conversion rates: boost viewer retention and platform usage

For streaming platforms, capturing users’ attention is crucial, and Product Analytics gives you the insights needed to optimize your platform and improve conversion rates. Effectively designing the user journey to content plays a significant role in increasing viewer retention, reducing churn, and increasing overall usage.

Product Analytics Use Case 1

By knowing what engages your audience, your platform can decrease the time spent searching for content and create better user experiences—ultimately saving on design, development, and A/B testing resources.

2. Content allocation: enhance discoverability and user engagement

The next use case highlights the importance of effective content allocation on your platform’s homepage. By identifying hotspots and analyzing content consumption and conversion rates in relation to content placement, you can increase user engagement, provide valuable insights to your content and editorial teams, and make better decisions about which new content to display.

Product Analytics Use Case 2

This, in turn, leads to increased discoverability of both popular and niche content, encouraging users to explore more of your platform’s offerings.

3. Content catalog analysis: make informed acquisition decisions

Delving deeper into your content catalog, Product Analytics can help you analyze the impact of various titles on user acquisition and retention throughout different stages of the user’s journey.

Product Analytics Use Case 3

By understanding which titles have the highest playtime and completion rates, your platform can attract new users, enhance their first interaction, and prevent them from leaving after the trial period. This informed approach to content acquisition allows you to develop a strong catalog that keeps your subscribers engaged.

4. User acquisition: optimize communication channels and campaigns

Gaining new users requires effective marketing and communication strategies. Product analytics enables you to analyze the effectiveness of various acquisition campaigns and channels, helping to identify which messages or creative elements drive the most conversions.

Product Analytics Use Case 4

By segmenting users based on demographics, engagement patterns, or conversion behaviors, you can optimize your marketing spend and concentrate on the most successful acquisition strategies. Additionally, analyzing user acquisition performance through cohort analysis provides added insights into channel-specific trends and opportunities.

5. User navigation: streamline the journey to favorite content

Lastly, Product Analytics can be used to improve user navigation by optimizing the path to their favorite content. Analyzing navigation patterns to determine which paths generate more content discovery or plays can significantly enhance the user experience.

By creating funnels to identify the best access points and avoiding inefficient paths, you can better tailor your platform to ensure users connect with the content they love efficiently and effortlessly.


Interested in learning more about Product Analytics? Get in touch with one of our streaming analytics experts.

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