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Webinar Recap: Streaming in the Cloud

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Industry Trends

Last Tuesday, June 28, NPAW and Quortex gathered an exclusive panel of online video experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges of streaming in the cloud.

Moderated by Kirby Grines, Founder & CEO of 43Twenty, the webinar featured Olivier Braun, Product Manager at Red Bee Media, Yeray Alfageme, Business Development Sr. Manager at Optiva MediaMarc Baillavoine, CEO at Quortex & Laurent Le Flohic, VP EMEA at NPAW.

Together, they examined the dos and don’ts in the transition to the cloud, as well as the strategies working best for streaming companies around the globe.

Here are some of the highlights of what was discussed.


The need for real-time analytics 

“When you take real-time quality of experience analytics back into the operation, into the adjustment and set up of the streaming, then things start happening,” said Optiva’s Yeray Alfageme. “It’s not only about saving resources. Viewers can also see it because they have a better user experience. So this bi-directional mindset is the one we must have when moving from broadcast to the cloud.”


Cloud vs on-prem security

“The fact that people are under the assumption that the cloud is less secure, is because of misconceptions. The human factor is the one responsible for the security flaw,” assured Quortex’s Marc Baillavoine. “Everyone knows and understands when a door is closed, but it’s much more difficult in the cloud to make sure that there are no backdoors to access your system.”

Monitoring changes

“The cloud has that advantage that is API based. You can use some tools that will automate the deployment for you,” mentioned Red Bee’s Olivier Braun. “You have some versioning, so you know exactly what is being deployed. And then there is the actual functional monitoring. The cloud itself provides a lot of built-in tools with which you can monitor your underlying infrastructure.”

Enabling dynamic ad insertion

“One important use case is dynamic ad insertion. If you implement it on prem, it’s usually a challenge,” said NPAW’s Laurent Le Flohic. “If you want to address ads to your audience based on where they are, or what type of content they are consuming, if you want to manipulate the manifest file — cloud-based solutions are designed for that.”


But much more was discussed…

Learn all about the current state of cloud-based streaming by downloading the full webinar’s recording