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What Working At NPAW Is All About

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Company

We at NPAW are going through an exciting time in our history. We are growing by the day as we work to distinguish ourselves as the leading analytics provider for the global online video industry. 

Together, we’re building a state-of-the-art technology platform to help video streaming services achieve their full potential — and that requires the brightest, most daring minds. Our employees are at the heart of what we do and who we are. And, if you are reading this, chances are you are wondering what it would be like to become one.  

Here’s what working at NPAW is all about.


Our mission and vision

First things first — what is it exactly that we do at NPAW?

Enormous amounts of data are being generated daily as online video consumers turn to their favorite content and platforms across regions and devices. Each time a video is played, or a person browses through a streaming app in search of something to watch, data insights can be extracted — insights that content providers can use to improve their services and better meet their users’ expectations.

At NPAW, we have developed the world’s most advanced analytics solutions for streaming services to do exactly that. Our mission is to bring the most accurate and innovative business intelligence tools to the industry. We are strongly committed to excellence, constantly innovating and improving our suite of apps to match all our customers’ needs.

Over the years, we have attracted strong investment and have been awarded multiple industry recognitions for the quality of our products. This has fueled the rapid growth of our NPAW Suite of apps, but also of our team headcount, the markets we serve, and the industry needs that we cover.


How we like to work

Only a unique and dynamic culture can support and sustain this growth — and we have one.  

We approach every challenge with passion, encouraging and empowering you to be an active agent of the company’s success. 

We believe that creativity, commitment, and excellence come with the autonomy and the freedom to propose new ideas and see them through. At NPAW, we all have the opportunity to suggest new projects and ways to perform our jobs. 

As an NPAW employee, you will be able to take ownership of your projects and ensure you are proud of putting your name on them. Perseverance, passion, and hard work define how we get our job done. 

Furthermore, we are open to considering and listening to all opinions when it comes to the decision-making process. We have learned the value of putting great minds together, but also that of welcoming constructive criticism when it comes to deciding the best way forward. 

Our way of working is more than a series of guidelines and best practices by which we abide — it is deeply rooted in and stems from who we are as people.

Who we are

NPAW is full of nice people — in fact, our name is an acronym for Nice People At Work, the name with which the company was born and that it maintained until 2021. 

We are a global community of 100+ passionate and highly skilled individuals comprising 25 nationalities and spanning all continents. Our headquarters are in Barcelona, but we also have offices in New York and Darmstadt (Germany) and we aim to continue expanding our physical footprint. 

Together, we create a forward-thinking, aware, and inquisitive team that prides itself on its strong culture and values. 

We are innovative, agile, and dynamic, always pushing ourselves and our products outside of the comfort zone to keep growing and coming up with better ways of doing things and serving our customers. We are vibrant and reliable, proactively helping each other out and being there when we are needed.

We also believe that diversity needs to be approached as a whole — acknowledging both cultural diversity and individual differences — to create an open space in which everyone can express their needs and interests. 

Our values and culture are the drivers of our organization, and we apply them to everything we do — inside and outside the office. Whether it is by helping clean a local beach or running the 314 km of Red Bull’s El Camino team race, we are always looking for ways to contribute to the world around us and challenge ourselves.

Did we pique your interest? Learn more about NPAW’s mission, values, and team by visiting our careers page or exploring our current job openings.