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The Benefits of Customizable Video Analytics

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Video Analytics

Customizable video analytics tools are a great asset when trying to optimize your streaming service’s user engagement, content performance, and revenue generation. The truth is that, when it comes to the level of customization they allow, not all analytics tools are built the same. More often than not, these solutions come equipped with a predefined array of tools, metrics, and dashboards — a one-size-fits-all approach that does not necessarily cover the specific needs of your video business and teams.  

Highly customizable video analytics solutions give you the flexibility to play with various analysis functionalities to make the most of your data.  And the benefits of customization go beyond just selecting the right widget or data granularity. In this blog, we discuss the advantages of customization in video analytics and how it can help you achieve your business goals.


Relevant insights for your video business

Customizable video analytics capabilities are essential to ensure that your teams getting relevant insights and metrics that are specific to your video business. With deep levels of customization, you can create custom dashboards, widgets, and reports that meet your teams’ and organizational needs. You have the ability to create highly specific filters and alerts, ensuring that you are monitoring the events that matter most to you and your customers.

With a customizable analytics tool, you can ensure that your teams are not overwhelmed with data but instead are only presented with the most critical insights that will drive your video business forward. For example, you may want to track video views, engagement rates, or ad performance for a single region or part of your user base. Or you may want to create custom metrics to track events that are only relevant to that specific team or video product.  You  With relevant insights at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions and more efficiently.


Deliver the right insights to the right people

Flexibility in account management is another key benefit of customization. Your analytics platform should give you total control over the creation and management of accounts. You should be able to create as many accounts as your organizational setup requires, and each account should be customizable to reflect the roles and permissions of the individual user.

By having this level of flexibility in account management, you can ensure that each stakeholder within your organization has access to the insights they need to do their job effectively. For example, your sales team may require access to analytics to track revenue generation, and your content team may need access to content performance metrics. By creating separate accounts for each team, you can ensure that each team has access to the relevant insights without being overwhelmed with irrelevant data.

Customizable accounts can also help you share insights with external stakeholders. For example, if you are a content distributor, you can create custom accounts for your content partners, giving them access to insights into their content’s performance on your platform. This customization can help you build stronger relationships with your partners by providing them with the insights they need to optimize their content for your platform.


Differentiate yourself with custom apps

Another advantage of customization is the ability to create custom apps with your branding. Features such as NPAW’s Custom App allow you to add value to your offering and differentiate yourself from competitors. For example, if you are an OTT platform-as-a-service provider, you can create a custom app with your branding that provides your customers with insights into their content’s performance platform.

Custom apps can also help you streamline your workflow. For example, you can create an app that pulls together all the data from different analytics tools you use, giving you a comprehensive view of your video business. By having all your data in one place, you can save time and resources, enabling you to focus on optimizing your video business.

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