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Addressing the Impact of Piracy and Account Sharing on the Video Streaming Industry: NPAW’s Share Blocker

Streaming services are increasingly experiencing an insidious threat to their revenue sources. Beyond conventional piracy methods, such as illegal downloading and fake websites, OTT platforms — even industry giants like Netflix — are grappling with the reality of unsanctioned account sharing and service abuse.

In this blog, we explore this quickly growing problem and discuss what video streaming businesses can do the address it.


Defining the Threat: Unauthorized Account Sharing

A large amount of OTT users, especially those from younger generations, share their account passwords with others. This rampant account-sharing behavior potentially decreases the number of individual subscription purchases, thereby substantially impacting the profitability of OTT services.



Share Blocker by NPAW: Your In-house Guard


Recognizing this escalating industry issue, NPAW recently launched Share Blocker, a dedicated addition to the NPAW Suite. The Share Blocker app is designed to serve subscription-based OTT services by allowing advanced account management strategies that promote security and fairness.

Custom profile creation, advanced monitoring, and controls for managing users, IPs, and concurrent sessions are just a few among the many features allowing you to effortlessly define and enforce the maximum limitations for each type of user account.


How Share Blocker Fights Account Sharing


At the heart of Share Blocker’s functionality lies its potent ability to counter unauthorized account sharing. Through Share Blocker, OTT platforms can set rules determining how many devices can simultaneously use an account or be linked to it, thereby minimizing unsanctioned use.

Moreover, Share Blocker provides detailed insights which can be leveraged for better understanding of the usage patterns and behavior of subscribers. This quantitative data not only aids in the detection of suspicious streaming activity indicative of account abuse but also provides insights for improving the overall quality of streaming services.

In essence, by prioritizing the challenges of account sharing and service abuse, NPAW’s Share Blocker ensures that only authorized users benefit from your platform, thereby securing your revenue and providing a fair and secure user environment.

This new tool is yet another representation of NPAW’s commitment to bring tangible difference to the OTT streaming industry, equipping services with real-time adaptive tools ready to face the sector’s challenging dynamics.



For more on how Share Blocker can protect your streaming service’s revenue, request a demo today.