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NPAW’s New Lisbon Tech Hub: A Space for Product Innovation and Delivery

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Company

We are excited to introduce NPAW’s new Lisbon tech hub. This will be the company’s newest office with a technical team, joining our Barcelona headquarters in the journey to design and develop cutting-edge business intelligence solutions for video businesses. 


The hub’s mission

Our new hub in Lisbon will serve as a hotbed for innovation in product development, a space in which to put the latest tools and methodologies to test and think outside the box.  

The new Lisbon office is more than just a geographic expansion — it is a bold statement of our dedication to crafting groundbreaking solutions that address the ever-evolving challenges faced by video businesses. Together with our Barcelona headquarters, it will form a powerful, interconnected innovation network that enables us to accelerate the development and deployment of superior products.


Why Lisbon?

Chosen for its geographical proximity and cultural similarity to our home city of Barcelona, Lisbon offers an ideal location for our new technical and product office. The city’s ability to attract international talent combined with the wealth of local talent in computer engineering, supported by renowned universities such as Universidade de Lisboa and Universidade Nova de Lisboa, made it the perfect fit for our expansion.


A growing, multidisciplinary team

The Lisbon tech hub is off to a strong start, with the first team members holding roles in Product Delivery Management and Software Engineering. They are currently working on two new NPAW solutions that showcase our commitment to continuous innovation and excellence.

As our team grows, we plan to hire around 15 engineering professionals in the coming months to develop new business intelligence solutions, from product definition to development and market launch. Working in smaller, multidisciplinary teams of about five people, they will have complete ownership of their solutions, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit that drives our joint success.  

The use of ChatGPT and other automation tools for enhanced productivity will allow these working groups to operate and collaborate in a more agile manner, with individual team members being able to focus on more engaging, high-level tasks and have a bigger say in the decision-making process. 

In the past, the organizational structure grew naturally into functional teams, each devoted to a specific area of skills with which to support the rest of the company. This meant having to navigate bureaucratic red tape, set up multiple meetings, and juggle conflicting priorities to get things done. New AI tools enable the creation of multidisciplinary business units — independent mini start-ups in which professionals can leave low-value and routine tasks behind and leverage skills outside their area of expertise. 

AI has paved the way for us to restructure, rather than decrease, our workforce. It enables us to establish a greater number of smaller, more agile teams. In this new mix, employees find their roles more fulfilling, working cohesively to deliver superior value to our organization.

Sounds interesting? If you fit the bill and are passionate about working in a creative, self-driven environment, be sure to check out our open positions.


A future-oriented office space

Located in Lisbon’s vibrant Saldanha neighborhood, the tech hub’s offices are located at the Avila Spaces in Atrium Saldanha. This coworking environment is the first Portuguese coworking space integrated into a shopping center and provides amenities such as a lounge area, meeting rooms, individual and collaborative workspaces, and a state-of-the-art amphitheater.

This modern office space and the dynamic professionals it attracts serve as the perfect nesting ground for our future lines of products — a hub where the best technical talent in the industry can get together and exchange ideas on how to keep pushing the sector forward.