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NPAW launches an innovative new YOUBORA UI/UX and revamped website

NPAW’s new image reflects the company’s forward thinking commitment to innovation.

BARCELONA, Spain, NEW YORK, New York – January 18th, 2018 – NPAW (Nice People At Work)—global leader in business intelligence and predictive analytics for the online video industry—announces a fresh, integrated and much improved redesign of the UI/UX of their core product YOUBORA, as well as a new corporate image and website reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation. This leap forward for the company comes a month after it inaugurated a new, ultramodern headquarters in Poblenou, Barcelona’s tech district while celebrating ten years in business.

Graphic based and intuitive, the new UI replaces clutter with a minimalist, layered design offering quick and easy access to YOUBORA’s most used tools. Its simplified color scheme distinguishes different products, with higher contrast to make reading data easier and an optimized use of widget space. Faster navigation, a tighter layout and a responsive, mobile friendly interface mean clients have easy access from anywhere to the critical data and insights they need when they need it.

Lucas Bernat, Director of Product Management, added, “Our aim with the redesign is to improve usability and responsiveness so that all departments in a company can make the most of everything YOUBORA has to offer. It is definitely more intuitive and means less work for the user. The overall layout helps you stay focused on what matters and facilitates data reading.”

The new website, which has been developed together with Digit.a, and new corporate image come as the company consolidates its position as a global leader in the industry. It’s bright, yet pared down to the essentials, and projects the company’s confidence that its solutions are unmatched.


About NPAW

Founded in 2008, NPAW is a global leader in business intelligence for the online media industry. With the most advanced and robust technology NPAW helps OTTs, broadcasters, telcos and media companies make data-driven business, technical and operational decisions across their entire video service to optimize their platform for revenue maximization. NPAW’s AI-powered solution, YOUBORA, in tandem with its SmartModules and Infinity technology, offers descriptive and predictive insights to gain a better understanding of audience behavior and platform performance to reduce churn, proactively manage users, increase ad and content efficiency, and overcome operational and technical challenges.

For more information, contact Laura Delcor at +34931222111 or press@nicepeopleatwork.com.