Multi-CDN: The Key To Superior Live Sports Streaming

Streaming providers are uniquely positioned to tap into the passionate following that live sporting events generate. 

But the streaming of high-stakes live events like a football final must live up to the high standards that viewers demand.

In this white paper, we examine why Multi-CDN holds the key to delivering best-in-class live sports streaming experiences and how providers can implement this approach.

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Mock-up: white paper on how to measure video streaming quality


Unlocking smart Multi-CDN

Multi-CDN provides a major competitive advantage for the streaming of fast-paced live sports events. But how can streaming providers unlock the full potential of a Multi-CDN portfolio?

Take a deep dive into:

  • What Multi-CDN is and its benefits for live sports streaming
  • The different CDN switching methods and their advantages / downsides
  • The key features to look out for in a Multi-CDN tool 


A live stream of a sports event needs to have as few technical issues as possible, have high video quality, and be as synched with the real event as possible — all things that a Multi-CDN strategy can help guarantee. 

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