Navigating CDN Strategies – Survey Report

We surveyed 282 streaming industry decision makers. The answers provide a snapshot of the content delivery strategies, plans, perceived blockers, and measurement & switching techniques currently being employed by video providers across the streaming ecosystem.

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Streaming Industry report


An industry survey from NPAW and industry expert Dan Rayburn

The data collected spans topics including the impact of multi-CDN in terms of costs and quality, switching criteria, and a breakdown of CDN approaches by industry vertical, content type, and monetization strategy.

  • Who’s doing what – an industry breakdown: The industry by CDN system plans, vertical, content type, and monetization strategy
  • Content delivery challenges and priorities: What are video providers most concerned about when it comes to content delivery?
  • Multi-CDN motivation, blockers, & impact: Why video providers switch to Multi-CDN, what’s stopping those who haven’t, and the effects of making the switch
  • Performance measurement & switching techniques: What KPIs are providers using to drive CDN switches, and where are they getting the metrics to inform those switches?


72% of video providers who have switched to Multi-CDN say their costs have decreased or stayed the same.

75% of video providers are already Multi-CDN, or are planning to add additional CDNs in the near future

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