Mid-stream CDN switching for video streaming

Smart mid-stream CDN switching selects the top-performing CDN for every chunk of video, ensuring playback continuity with the highest possible video quality

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What is mid-stream CDN switching? 

Mid-stream CDN switching for video streaming is a technique that allows video streaming platforms to dynamically switch between multiple content delivery network (CDN) providers during a streaming session. This approach is powered by real-time analysis of each CDN’s performance and enables the video service to optimize the viewing experience for end users.

Improved Quality of Service and Experience

Ensure a seamless streaming experience by minimizing buffering and reducing video start times, switching to the CDN offering the best quality and lowest latency for each user

Increased scalability and reliability

Improves scalability and ensures high availability, even during peak traffic times or unexpected CDN failures

Cost optimization

Dynamically route traffic to the most cost-effective CDN providers, based on performance and availability. This allows content providers to achieve the best performance while optimizing their CDN spending.

Active mid-stream CDN switching 

Take your QoE to the next level by automatically selecting the best-performing CDN for every chunk of video

Automated chunk-level CDN selection

Download in parallel video chunks from different CDNs, with real-time and bidirectional communication between the client-side plugin and the server-side platform 

cdn analytics

Hands-off CDN load balancing

Optimize QoE through an active CDN switching engine

Define rules for an automatic decision-making process, with custom security, network, and overflow rules

Improve QoE in real time

Whenever the Active Switching engine identifies a better-performing CDN, it automatically selects them to improve the customer’s perceived quality

Adapt your CDN load balancing with customizable switching

Set Active Switching parameters, such as CDN load balancing, priority, or quality of experience.

KPI improvements after implementing Active Switching


Buffer Ratio


Start-up Errors


In-stream Errors

The benefits of NPAW’s CDN Active Switching


No single point of failure is introduced


Highest robustness — as long as one CDN can deliver a chunk, video will be served


No additional latency is introduced


Uses real-time QoE information from the video player to select a CDN for each chunk


Supports high-peak traffic


Allows QoE rules to be defined for deciding what CDN to use, per chunk


Allows usage and testing of low-cost CDNs without risk


Includes an advanced set of QoE analytics with multi-CDN support

How Viaplay and NPAW built a smart M-CDN switching tool for video streaming

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