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Thanksgiving Weekend 2023 VoD Consumption Sees a Boost

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Industry Trends

As millions of Americans returned to work after a long Thanksgiving weekend spent amongst friends and family, we examined NPAW customer data to determine the impact the festivities had on streaming consumption. We compared the streaming numbers for the holiday period (Nov. 23-26) against the seasonal average (Nov. 1-22).

The analysis revealed a drop in unique subscribers for VoD and Linear TV content (3% and 2% respectively). This trend held true across the four days (Thursday-Sunday), with Black Friday experiencing the most substantial decrease for both types of streaming content.


Thanksgiving 2023 streaming unique subscribers


By themselves, these numbers would suggest a generalized decrease in streaming usage, as Americans traveled across the country to spend time with their loved ones, relegating screens to the background. However, a closer look at the Average Effective Playtime numbers — the minutes each user spends watching content, deducing ads, interruptions, etc. — reveals a significant increase in VoD consumption per user (+17%).

In fact, the Average Effective Playtime for VoD exceeded the seasonal average on each day of the holiday period, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday registering the most substantial increases (21% and 20% respectively). Conversely, this metric decreased for Linear TV content across all days, particularly on Thanksgiving (-12%).


Thanksgiving 2023 streaming effective playtime


Two main insights can be gleaned from these numbers. The first is that, in terms of time commitment, American consumers demonstrated a strong preference for VoD content over Linear TV. Secondly, while slightly fewer unique subscribers streamed video content, those who did watch VoD did so for substantially longer periods than usual, particularly on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

One potential explanation for these trends could be the communal spirit that characterizes this national holiday —people gathering under one roof, sharing the viewing of a movie or show on-demand using a friend’s or relative’s account. Those opting for smaller gatherings or solo celebrations would likely also be more inclined to turn to streaming entertainment during such social-centric holidays.

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