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The Benefits of Being an NPAW Employee

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Company

Working for a forward-thinking, industry-leading company like NPAW comes with many benefits that go beyond experiencing cutting-edge technology and having a say in the future of video streaming. 

At NPAW, we put our employees front and center as the lifeblood of our business. That’s why we have created a work environment that addresses the various needs of our staff and encourages their personal and professional growth. 

From flexible hours and birthday perks to continued education and referral bonuses, here are some of the key benefits of being an NPAW employee.


Flexible work schedule

In today’s fast-paced business world, work-life balance is more important than ever. At NPAW, we understand that our employees have a wide range of needs and responsibilities, and we strive to accommodate them as much as possible.

We trust our staff to carry out their tasks and projects responsibly. In return, we offer a flexible work schedule that allows them to adjust their working hours to their specific situation. This means that you can start and end your workday at different times, as long as you respect the number of working hours indicated in your contract. 

The key elements that make this flexible model work are always maintaining our commitment to our clients, communicating effectively with other team members, and complying with tasks and deliverables.


A hybrid work model

As a global company, NPAW has a variety of remote work policies in place. Some regional teams work 100% remotely, while all employees working at our Barcelona headquarters do so under a hybrid work model.

Our hybrid work model consists of 3 days per week of in-office work and 2 days of remote work. 

This approach promotes closer collaboration among the different departments within the company while ensuring enough flexibility and a good work-life balance.

Employees are free to decide on which days they work from home and on which ones they come to the office. However, teams are encouraged to align their schedules to benefit from in-person interactions.


Birthday afternoon off

At NPAW, employees are valued and appreciated for their hard work, dedication, and loyalty. And what better way to show that appreciation than by allowing them to take the afternoon off on their birthday?

Birthdays are a special occasion, and everyone deserves to celebrate them with their loved ones. However, it can be challenging to take time off during the workweek, especially if you have a busy schedule or deadlines to meet. This is where NPAW comes in – if your birthday falls on a weekday, you can take the afternoon off to celebrate without having to worry about work obligations.


Language courses and continued education

NPAW recognizes the importance of investing in its employees’ professional growth. That is why we offer various opportunities to help our employees develop their skills and advance in their careers.

Our staff can join several language courses every year, with online classes focused on speaking and grammar skills. The languages available are determined by our employees’ needs via periodical surveys — if enough company members ask for a specific language, a class is formed.

In addition to language courses, our employees are encouraged to pursue career-specific training during and outside of working hours. Financial support is available for post-graduate programs of various kinds, from bootcamps to master’s degrees.


Employee referral bonus program

Because we know that top talent attracts top talent, we reward our employees for referring successful candidates to vacancies above the internship level. 

NPAW employees need only contact HR with their recommendations, sharing all relevant candidate information and specifying the open position they are applying for.

If your contact is selected after the usual selection process, you get a bonus to spend on what you like. And what’s more, if your referred new employee exceeds the 6-month trial period, you get even more money.


Additional regional perks

Finally, there are additional perks available to our employees in our Barcelona headquarters, where 80% of our workforce is based. 

For instance, there are free fruit, drinks, and snacks available at all times in the office. But there’s more. All Barcelona employees can have free lunch whenever they are working from the office, with a healthy two-course menu and dessert.  

Additionally, NPAW offers perks for employees based in Spain, including a health insurance plan and a flexible compensation scheme. 

Provided by Alan (the DKV network of providers), the health insurance plan includes health and dental care at a competitive price and coverage. Meanwhile, with flexible compensation, employees can decide to destine part of their gross salary (pre-tax) to things like restaurants, public transportation, and daycare for children.

Interested in learning more? Find out all about NPAW’s mission, values, and team by visiting our careers page or exploring our current job openings.  

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